Sunday, December 31, 2006


My right eye is so sore at the moment. Any1 got remedy to this? It started since 4 days ago. Anyway my favourite team Man Utd extended their lead to 6 points on top of the table sweee LA!! Chelsea drop points hohohoho~~

Saturday, December 30, 2006

New YEAR!!

I was woken up by an sms that says "we broke up" today. Although couples cannot be together forever but the most important thing is that you have tried your best in every relationship. That's all it matters. During evening, i received another sms "later i shall hand my presidentship to Ruiwen". My friend, Lincoln, got a gf FINALLY LOL. Ok la hope your new phase of life would be a good one. Remember not to pangseh us =/.
Hmm.. i went to watch Deathnote 2 today. The storyline was really good. Unexpected things happened and in the end both L and Kira died. However my trip to the new Cathay theatre was not really good. While im watching the movie, people from behind kicks my seat from the start till the end of the movie -_-. Cmon la if im with my friends i will surely turn around and tell them. Despite my continuous turn about around my seat, they still do it f**k.
New year resolution. I dun really believe in setting one because i will fail to do it and become deeply disappointed in myself. Nevertheless, its still good to have some aims for the New Year.

1. Pass my End-of-Year Examination.
I guessed i passed my PD2 review since they have not send me anything emails about going back to sch for a second one. Now, its only the examination that matters. I will try hard to get pass this and earn the diploma.

2. Spend more time with my gf.
I think i have neglected her somehow since the time we are together. Although she has a nice temper, i think i must improve as a boyfriend and try not to make her angry often =/. Trying to think and care for her is really not an easy task for me i have to admit =x.

3. Going overseas.
I always wanted to go overseas to have a look at the outside world. They always say Singaporeans have a good life, so i wonder how people from other countries live their life. Saving up for a trip is hard la really HARD. But i will try hard to complete this new year wish of mine =D

Ok la three New year Resolution is enough. Trying to live life to the fullest is the most important. Stay happy dudes =]

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Announcement:We are currently restoring services affected by the Taiwan quake.

This announcement was taken from the singnet website. If anyone of you are experiencing lagness from ur home net, it should be this reason. I moved my blogger account to google acc already, it is worse lor. I still prefer the previous version. I did not update my blog yesterday because of this. Watching youtube videos was not possible too. Surfing forums was worse. The hardwarezone webby is already damn lag during normal days. Now i can't even see the advertisement from the site. Sometimes in life, unpredictable things might happened. Do not blame yourself or anyone else. Just stay calm and think of solution. Being frantic and being sad is not the real solution to any problems. Try to think of the last time u had a problem. After all, you looked back, its actually nothing. It is something u managed and HAVE to solve. Life is a waste if you do not live it to the fullest. So relax and sit back, Enjoy life! =D

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Another rainy day

How many times have u woke up around 4+ or 5+ in the afternoon during this holiday? I think i did everyday. The sky would be dark after an hour or so den before the sunrise, im going to bed again. I heard that my gd friend in school, Kelvin, kena debarment letter. Hope things are going right for him. Its our last sem already, it should be a good reason for appealing.
Sometimes words can be very scary. It can hurt someone's feeling, activate someone's action and make someone do things beyond imagination. Before you talk, its better to be careful who's the receiver. The guy whom are listening can backstab u whenever he/she likes. They might accuse you even if u r 100 metres from the fact. Besides trying to clear urself by saying "No i didn't", you still have to face the doubtful faces from your friends or worse girl/boyfriends. Some people likes to backstab ppl right after the guy turns away from the backstabber. Doing things like that surely makes u feel good but the receiver would surely know you are someone trying to create trouble and sow discord among the friends. It would be worse if you are trying to do that to someone who had helped u so much before. Instead of returning the favour, u turned around and stabbed him. Worse thing is that before you know it, everyone around u had already know ur a backstabber and tries to avoid telling u things.
Last time i played a game. Not much people know about this game. The reason i find it fun is because the game always have a negative and positive effect on one of the tactics. No matter wat tactic you use, you would have a 30% probability of losing. Its something like life, things are not always perfect. You cannot always force it. Everything has a positive and negative results. Of cause depending on how u handle it. Even if you had a bad day, its not the end of life. Try to smile at it and take it as a lesson. Besides that, forcing other people to do things they dun like is worse. The other party will be uncomfortable with you, tries to avoid you, and take every opportunities to give excuses when you all quarrel.....

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Woo my gf made these cookies for me. Its a bottle with my name on the outside of the bottle and small cookies made up of letters of my name. =D She also gave me a Braun buffel wallet as a christmas present. <3>

Sunday, December 24, 2006


I juz took a nice bath after this particular soccer match. This is the most memorable one. There is only ONE word to describe them. ROUGH.
The most seriously injured players must be YC and me. I got scratches on my knee, both palms, elbow and my body. Yc was hit on the knee twice + scratches on both palms too.
One of the incident i must really point out is that for those who knows soccer, after every goals, the ball are places on the middle of the field. When Yc started kick off, the guy went straight towards him and bang! Hit him on the knee. Nice referee, he told us that the floor was slippery. Ok we did had a nice mudbath party on the field but obviously the guy was not going for anything, not even the ball. He went for the knee. Everyone was wet, the colour of our clothes is exactly the same as our skin, IMAGINE.
One more situation. It was a corner for the opposition, i already took notice of one of their player, he ALWAYS try to bang in when the corner guy was about to hit the ball. When the ball came towards me, the 60-90kg heavyweight clashed with me. I lied on the floor flat. Thanks huh. When i stood up, everything was like normal. The ref dun even care about me=( Well maybe it was normal when u see those soccer matches. U see them clash with each other like no kick. But that bloody heavyweight merely hit me with his fatty shoulder and i know how embarassing it was.
Whenever the goalkeeper catches the ball, the opposition striker should not even try to kick the ball out from their grab. But this time round, our opposition was playing like 87mins-1-goal-down match. When lincoln grabbed the ball, they still try to do that, fucking rough malays -_-. The Referee still did not try anything to stop the striker. I wonder if he was telling the truth when he said he had no contact with even one of their players.
Our Lim Ruiwen is the best. We already knew he would said hes injured during halftime. But this time, it was better. After only twenty minutes on the field(mind you he barely runs), he said he got injury and i have to cover his post.
Im not whining after a lost. They do have players with quick feet and nice passes. Even without their hard tackles, they could get the ball easily. I juz dun like teams that took the match so seriously that like in the shaolin soccer movie, trying hard to injure players. Damn it.
Anyway with our mudbath and injury, i think this is a memorable christmas eve present i gave them hehehee.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Jap drama?!

Well... Sherwin introduced me "A song to the sun" drama. Its actually a jap drama featuring Sawajiri Erika again. Previously i watched her first drama "1 liters of tears". Not a bad drama especially the first one, very sad story. Spend freaking four days to end the downloading for the drama. Damn slow sia singnet. Starhub is really better than Singnet in terms of downloading.
Going to msia for cart in 9 hours time hohoho.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Thursday: go back to school for project.
Friday: go malaysia for cart.
Saturday: St james powerstation
Sunday: soccer

Finally i woke up today receiving a msg from someone whom i contacted from forum for a friendly match on Sunday. Although its christmas eve i believe there are people who won't give soccer a miss. We decided that we will play at punggol at 5pm=D Darling was abit unhappy. She's ASSUMING that i can't accompany her during the night because im too tired. It will be interesting because we never travel so far for a soccer match. Hopefully i have got gd players to play for my team. Woo mom gave me 150 ringgit for cart on Friday. i guess she must be happy that i go msia(heven been there for years) although she reminds me that jb is very messy now. She still offered to give me some money although she lost money when swimming =D.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Rain is coming to Singapore. Its true huh. It has been raining heavily the past few days. Today is the worst, the floor couldn't get any drier =/ I won't expect myself to be playing soccer during this month but there are always unexpected things. We prepared newspaper so that we could dry the court. But guess wat? after we dropped all the newspapers, the rain gets heavier. No choice, we have to play in these weather. It was unbelievable, we couldn't even see where the ball was. Sliding tackles, sitting and lying on the floor were all made possible because of the very wet floor. It was fun, it really was. Although i was shivering like a cold turkey, i had no regrets ahaha. This holiday is not that much fun because of the rain. But what if we had school, i think i would receive more warning letters liao =//.
Mom was asking me to sleep early nowadays. I wanted to, but how ? just dun feel tired at all leh. Maybe my bio time change again. Hard to sleep until 7 in the morning =D. When im typing this post, im actually risking my life, hoping my mom won't open my door to give me a lecture.
经典老歌 is damn nice and meaningful. I have been listening to oldies nowadays. i realised that those are songs that i've heard when im young, expect me to sing during the next kbox session =D

Monday, December 18, 2006


PUI CHELSEA WON AND MAN U LOST. This is so irritating lor. Every shots they pumped in didn't even reach a man u striker and whenever chelsea shoot, the ball lands on the back of the net pui pui pui

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Woke up quite late today. So decided to slack at hm with my girl. Aizai told me they didn't wan to go powerstation anymore. Instead, they eating steamboat at his house. His home was quite far from mine sia... so lazy la.
Anyway today i read an interesting article from straits time:

It shows some examples of people losing job and jobless for 12 years omg.
The government thot that by decreasing the income tax and increasing the GST, they will help the lower income group more than the richer people this way. I agree the situation actually improve. But then the real group that the government should look into is the middle-age group. Lets be realistic, if you are the boss, u won't wan to employ people that are over 40+ yrs old right? Older people are often the breadwinner of the families. They need the money to send their children to school. Look at my school fees, 11k. How can they afford sia?!? Ok the Government have some subsidies for my case, but what about those that couldn't make it to the Gov sch. Private schools?Universities? One of the examples writtened in the paper was a guy who studied very hard and try very hard to collect every diplomas he could. One day when he wanted to get a job, the guy said that his qualification was too high and the company couldn't afford. Even when u study hard enough, you might not get a job in Singapore. One funny thing i read about it is that people who kena illness rather die than get treatment. The 2% GST increase in hospital fees sure steam lor.
Anyway, seems like the old traditional saying that "studying hard increases chance of getting a job" dun make sense anymore leh. Staying in Singapore really is quite hard man, maybe migrating is the choice =/ .

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Hmm... quite a busy holiday i must say. Spent the first two days with my gf, going out to eat, shop and talk crap.. We went clubbing on Wed at mos. What a boring boring day.. . The music was boring everything was boring. We ended the day earlier than expected at around 2 am before we went 921 to eat and talk cock until around 3 plus. Im so desperate looking for soccer matches nowadays. Asking friends team whether they are free and posting on forums to look for social soccer teams. Its so fun playing soccer on the big field. However, seems like the whole thing is too sudden, no teams free to play on weekends.

Sometimes what i heard might not be the truth but can't help thinking there are possibilities that it WILL happen. I am very disappointed towards two of my friends that did all those things behind our back. Hopefully they realised that it is a cheap and shameful thing to do. You walked out on us last time and now u do this kinda thing omg. I hope that those are rumours.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Ah! finally, the term test ended today. The DCST paper was quite decent i must say. Not sure whether i could pass the paper, I tried my best =D. I have a three weeks break including this week ^-^ . Gonna play more field soccer this holiday. Although my supervisor instructed us to go back during the holidays, it will be quite slack i guess. Gonna enjoy my youth and spend every single mins busy before i go army. Darling is sick today, hope she feels better after her rest so that she could watch movie with me =DD.
The other day, Xueli asked me what im gonna do with my life, in the future. Im really confused. I was ambitious last time. I try to work hard for everything in life. Most of the time i succeeded. But suddenly i was confused. Every jobs or occupations contain something interesting seriously. Some people go for their interests, some for fame and some for money. I guess i want a life that allows me to try everything and be flexible. I can't explain.. really.

Nowadays, if you notice, there were alot of ambulance around. When i was scanning the pages on the newspaper, i saw alot of mysterious death happening. More and more people are jumping MRT. Life is so fragile man. People can even die from their sleep. I dun understand. Last time, i thot everything in life can be controlled. But nowadays, it seems, the best choice is to enjoy every seconds of your life before you regret.

Anyway my tagboard got problem leh. Im a noob at fixing it. Need some help from my darling lol!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The latest in sch

Wow i juz reached home at 2245. What a memorable day lol. First time i stayed till so late in school. Bo pian since im going clubbing tml. Gotta finish much of my project by today. I saw some students still loitering around in school. Are they too free or wat? i rather head home straight sia. Hope to do well in my Final review man!


woOO been a long time since i sweat playing basketball. Its so fun. We joined huimin's church friends for a game at 838. Everyone was having fun. Sharon even flared up when she couldn't play because the guy with the ball had to go. I guess playing with friends is the best. No Stress, no commitment. Juz throwing the ball anywhere will do. We played till around midnite before we head home hahaha. Play hard work hard, but seems like im going to be a dead meat on Thurs - my final review. Henry and nick will be going army this sat. I hope to spend more time with them siol. Well, they will be eating and clubbing on wednesday which i guess i can't reject any further. Friday admond, kx and edric's birthday? Seems so fun eh.. another side of my life won't allow it =/

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Sigh! this is the time when i can't do anything. The exams will start 2 weeks from now. Although its only 1 paper, the real weight comes from the Final review of my project this week. This will determine whether i have to come back during the holidays. It will be impossible for the project to be completed i have to admit. But den i still have to touch up on it. Its like stucked in the middle. You feel like u have to do something but u can't do anything about it. I really hate this feeling. I didn't attend anything lectures since the first two weeks and i kinda forgot the image of our lecture theatre already.
Slowly, the time during poly seems to pass by more and more quickly( dun believe me u can ask any poly students) This is my schedule for 1 week.

Monday: woke up around 11+ and head to sch for lab until 3
Tuesday: same as mon
Wednesday: 10-12pm for tutorials
Thursday: project 9-5
Friday: same as thurs

Mon and Tue seems to be the most free one but when u finish class at 3, u feel like you have nowhere to go since my friends all have sch till 5.
Whenever friday comes, where all the birthday parties are usually held, i have this stupid project until late. Most of the time, i have to go straight for my friend's party since it will be dark after that. This is so fck up. ahya maybe i should stop whining for awhile and work hard for exams lol. At least a small target to aim for!

Friday, December 01, 2006

trust only yourself?

RAINING RAINING AND RAINING~~~ damn cold these few days. Attended school later than usual. Its unusual for me to be so late on project days =/ sigh, i thot i was the latest den. Guess wat? my group mates both came later than me. They said that in order to get a project done, teamwork is a must. This sentence is getting more meaningful as the final review comes closer. Why can't they come earlier since PD2 is ending? They dun feel urgent in the morning? only getting nervous during the end of the day when the lecturer is getting more busy? Although our group is more suay - Supervisor won't attend to you unless u start asking, Project hardware and software consists of more components than others, but things can be done when we put in a littttttle bit more efforts. And i really mean little (im lazy too hee). Nothing can be done if watching youtube whole day makes u happy seriously.

Thursday, November 30, 2006


Well went for a two-hour tutorial in the morning and came home for nap. Guilty is the word i felt would best describe me for today. Everyone was rushing their final project report and what i can do is wait for thurs and fri for my grp members to tell me about their contribution. QP and Huishan told me that they actually ton yesterday somewhere to complete their PD2 report. I felt it was a great idea if Friday is my teacher's assessment. The weight is really coming on me for this final preview. Unlike other groups on the 6th floor, by now everyone should know how KUKU my supervisor is. He could asked me to wait for his return and den disappear until 5pm. Great job! Well others could get help writing programs for their microcontroller, we could only wait till our supervisor TO BE FREE.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Interesting weekend

I didn't update my blog this weekend was because i took hm my laptop except the adaptor LOL! I left it in my project room as i rushed home on friday to attend bert's birthday dinner haha. Ok the dinner started quite late as those bodybuilders came late. They claimed that a trainer talked to them about his story -_- Overall the dinner was nice and full. Anyway how bad can a 300 bucks dinner be right? The birthday routine took over and we sang birthday songs and cut the cake for everyone. Phototaking session followed. Wanted to post some pictures but since many of them had already done so. I shall skip this. Please refer to valerie's blogspot for the pictures =D
Philbert den head to town to meet his gf.Anyway the big groups was deciding where to go when the quarrels and fight occured. I think i shall not mention names scully tio flamed. I have to say not to listen to one side of the stories only before making any conclusion!
After the misunderstanding, we headed to town for some fun. Some of us went to kbox and the rest went shopping. Darling joined us at town and we sang till 6 in the morning. Everything was quite smooth la=D

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

need to gain some weight

Woke up at 11.45am! luckily darling gave me a morning call at the most crucial time. Need to get to school at 1pm for my lab. Normally i took around 45 mins to reach sch if i takes bus to school but these few days are damn suay sia. The bus coming are either 950,966,856 -_- Ok finally 187 came and i met her for school together. Luckily wilkin doesn't need my laptop for his lab test anymore. He told me he had already sent his lappy for service. heng man or else he will be late for his lab test too.
Anyway lab is boring as usual. But my diet is different today man. i ate yogurt and butter rice( chicken with rice and fries) + morning bread =DD need to eat more and gain some weight man. Yj msg me and asked me to go gym tml. Just the right time =) I dun wan to be called a guniang because im too skinny lo! Things will be different after 1 month i promise hee.
After lunch i went to my project class with kel. Audrey mentioned that we need to do a poster for our technofair. -_-Suddenly felt a heavy rock on my shoulder. So many things to complete within these two weeks - Posters, project, report etc. Hopefully i could still pass year 3 without completing the project man =DD

Monday, November 20, 2006

sorry my gaming friends

Sorry guys maybe it's good time for me to stop my competitive gaming stuff. My projects deadline is coming. Its three weeks from now to the panel. Hope i can really touch up and finish the STUPID PROJECT. Anyway im really sorry to sherwin and other my other teammates. Cs made me restless and no life. I realised this is not the life for me. I prefer to spend time with my family, friends and gf. It would be more fun to even talk cock with you all face to face other than spending time online conversation. I rather spend time finding work, its more practical. I don't wan to lose sleep playing game until wee hours and go to school str8away. Anyway i really have fun playing all the gd teams in lan =DD Until now i hope a new phase of life begans for me. . . ..

Thursday, November 16, 2006

CS is getting boring

Feel like stopping this game for awhile. Its getting boring since henry and going army and kw is going concentrate on his server thing. Its hard to keep playing on this streaky game.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Just when i thot i could catch up with my project and life would be more stable, i receive this f**King email from my supervisor, indicating i would have a second review of my project this Friday. FUCK HIM LA. Im the only one in the group that got the letter lor -_- Anyway what did he do to help us man? He only attends to BME students whenever they need help. You think we could do everything by giving us a theme and SOME stupid programming chips? dream on la. Okay i know i did not do much durin the vpp but i dun deserve that lor. When i ask him about on that day he still declared we dun have second review pui! ANYWAY IM GOING TO SHOW U WHAT IM CAPABLE OF Okay!? u bloody ahgua BITCH !

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A decent Monday

Woke up at around 11.20 but slept back until 12 before i head to school. Boring Lab- When i reach class i was abit surprise kel actually came earlier than me =/ Anyway i was told that the lab test was next Monday-_- I went to cut my hair after school. Stupid hairstylist done the job. Because the boss who usually cuts for me wasn't there. Met my girl after that and spent the evening with her. Its nice hugging her to sleep =D

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Finally the vpp review is over. Our supervisor told us that we got a borderline pass. Alright, quite decent for a team like us - always lazy =D. Nothing really happens during the review. Three supervisor sitting on the chair as usual, listening to our presentation of our project. The real funny thing was that after we had presented our little-output vpp report, the teacher did not have much reaction. They just said okay and went to the other group. Maybe the teacher had given up on us already? hmm..
Alright so this is my last sem already, im gonna make use of the rest of my time for the project. No more time to joke around. It would be a waste to spend another 6 months in school JUST doing the project alone.
Went out with my darling and friends to catch a movie called Grudge 2 after my nap at home. Tired like hell =/. Quite scary. Alot of faces and screams like any other japanese horror show. Nothing much on a Friday night.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

nice life eh?

Woohoo im slacking my life away waiting for graduation. Only one obstacle, the Project. I heard im going to repeat the whole year if i fail the review. Hope i rush and complete the project. More of my friends are going in NS soon-SK, Ham and nick. Wait for me brothers =DDD Things are not that well for my team nowadays. Since no more compy, we have not been training much except lan trainings during the weekends. Ever since edric left the team, we have been finding last to replace him. Anyway really looking forward for the chalet on thursday. I could only make it on friday guys, because of the project on thursday =(

Sunday, October 15, 2006

CAPL 4th-8th place

Yes we got 4th-8th place in capl but that was not wat we wanted. It was a disappointing game in the finals against team fairplay but kudos to them. They really came prepared for their map de_nuke. Nothing went right for us, not even the toss coin. Seriously i was hugely disappointed although i keep telling my players to cheer up. Overall i learnt alot from the teams playing and the teams i played against. Hopefully we could put our teamwork together in the next competition.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Finally capl is here. After three weeks of strict online training for preparation(isit strict?), this is wat we are waiting for. The event will take place tml at E2max, Cineleisure. Okay this competition will be single elimination. Which means that you will go home if u lose the first match. We had our last training tonight at e-games. The score was quite ok. We manage to grab 2 out of the 3 maps we played against wwf. They are truly a team with quality aims and teamwork. Hopefully, we can play well tml against any team. Woke up today with news from my girl that she passed her tp. I felt happy for her seriously, dunno why =/ I guess i must tell her my gd news about my competition tml =D. 1010 is the lucky number hohoho =P

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Yesterday was the first time i went to Sentosa since two years back. It was a long time since ive been there. We met up at 921 coffeeshop and had our breakfast at 9. Guess what time we set off - 11.45am almost noon because we have to wait for late comers to eat their breakfast too. This shows how "brothers" we are -_- When we reach there we travelled to siloso beach first but we can't find the goal post or any court around there, so we decided to take the tram to the other beach where there is these kinda facilities - tanjong beach. Ok so we took the tram all the way back to tanjong beach only to find out that the stall that rents out balls or equipment were close. WTF lor. Nvm we decided that there is no point to stay there so we WALK to our LAST LAST destination-the palawan beach. ok so we have travelled to three beaches in Sentosa. That was tiring even before we play soccer. Ok it was quite fun. We finally settled down and bought a ball for soccer. I think i would have to eat more nowadays. People say i look ugly after losing weight -_- After the trip we had our dinner at e harbour front shopping centre. The pics were not uploaded yet so bo pian cannt post. (;

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The place when gaming is not possible

For teams who play competitive games like dota or cs, please do not train at this fcking Egames opposite parklane. If not for the numbers of teams playing there, we won't even wan to make our way there lor. Firstly, the comps sucks. ok maybe we are not used to playing there. The dedicated server was so lag that u feel better if u'r playing online. 100 pings every now and den. 50 pings is the lowest. Although they are using shuttle, some of my players couldn't use the mic when they plugged it in. One of my teammates' monitor went blank not because he's dead, aiya just suck man. Secondly, the place is so noisy. I couldn't hear footsteps at all. Arbo dun wear headphones play la ?!?! Thirdly, the stupid management... ok this is wat happened. I saw my friends waiting at 10am in the morning. And guess wat time he finally gets his comp, 5pm-at that time when we left -_- This is so pathetic lor. We spend money to get this kinda service?!!?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

nothing better to do

Okay i will waste a lil bit of my time writing this useless post. ps : this will be the last time im writing about this person. I got nothing better to do so i went to this blog. This person actually wrote a post to me( SURPRISINGLY, she nv wrote anything about me when we are together). Okay so she said something about trying hard for our relationship( trying hard to be a lesbian? )
She also mentioned that she thot i think she's fake( yes u r, In fact VERY) She also thank me for shaping her into dunnoe wat la. But sorry, im not going to thank u back =D And i dun need your blessing at all. oh ya she mentioned her stage of getting over me was not bad at all( of coz, making used of me whenever u want is your way of doing things) :)

And last but not least, stop posting movies about lesbian in ur blogs, its disgusting and ermm.. its self-sympathy actually.

napFA owns ME

hohoo it has been a long long time since i run long distance. All i did was play soccer with my friends and tt's all. Today was napfa day. I thot i would have failed all the 5 station but expectedly i did quite well. Gold for standing broad jump, sit ups and shuttle run. Silver for sit and reach. Pull-ups unexpectedly three times ahah. I could only do once in Secondary School. Maybe becoz i lost weight lol! i dropped out of 2.4km run because of stomach pain. Ate too much during lunch. Im going to train hard and take the test again in 1 months time. GL to me=D

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Monday Blues

This is a boring Monday. I woke up late again. Although ah mei gave me morning call but still i can't get out of bed. Shes going to kill me when she read this. I received a call in the afternoon from Henry and he's wants me to accompany him for lunch since he's working nearby. Went hm to slack after that. Watched Singapore Idol while waiting for training. A Malay are winner again. I can't deny, Malay really sings better than chinese for english song. Anyway nice try to Jonathan leong lol!
Been waiting for our team shirt to be up. The design is still not ready yet. Hope we can wear it during 7th of oct for CAPL woot!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Getting Hype!

Have been boring life because of VPP! Wake up and go school in the morning and wait for training at night. Our next lan event would be the Capl @ on the 7th of oct. Chalets coming during the two weeks holiday. I dun think i will be able to attend any of them if i have to go back to work on my project. Hope the teacher give me chance to enjoy at least two weeks of holiday before school starts. IM DEAD. I skipped school today because i thot i was sick. SOMPAH! But i felt better after that around noon. (Atleast im honest) =D Im now really doing the things i like. Competing with highly skilled teams in Singapore. We did quite well against them actually during training. Hope we could get sponsors so that we could compete overseas.

Hope everyone do things they like man, dun regret =D

Sunday, September 17, 2006

fruitful holiday !

During CPL, we had a training match with Fnatic, ranked 2nd in the WORLD. So honoured =DD This is the screenshots. Its genuine lor :)

Everyone are made to do something. eg. Doctors are to save lives. Lawyers are made to fight cases. Everyone does different things. Some are good at it, some are just normal. Some do it becoz they love it. Some do it because of the money. Whatever it is, everyone are sure to be good at something. If you are interested in something, dun hesitate to do it. Just follow your heart =D
Two competitions in three weeks + all trainings. Damn shag. Although we did not win anything, Im happy with the team im in. We are a new team, all we need is time and surely we can get results.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


This is the result of WGT :

Won team [x]eNon 16-0
Won team ehnma 16-3
Lost to BMW 16-1

Lost to the eventual championship winner as we crash out of the competition. Damn sad ar. Congrats to them. One day we will take revenge =DDD
CPL singapore will commence on 15th Friday. Not much time to train sial. Hope we can get some time together and put our strats to good use.

Thursday, August 31, 2006


If you are wondering how a team without strats will fare when they play in a compy, try to look out for my team's result in the WGT =/ Playing on thursday at Funan IT mall. We have no time to train for our teamwork lor. Playing like a retard. Letting ppl shoot like a free bird. Last min, schizo told us he can't play for our team becoz he have to work till 3rd of sept. He added that he can't train till then. -_- In the end, we have to look for sherwin for replacement. farked UP!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


We dun have any holiday after the exam and guess wat!?!? we got VPP a Very Painful Program. Seriously sucks lor. I got no mood to go for the first day of VPP. Worst still, im down with flu and headaches. So together with my grpmates, we have decided not to attend the first day hahaa. Okay this VPP consists of many other stuff other than doing projects. Frankly speaking, if we ONLY have to do projects, i would be glad to attend. But there are other stuffs like Secondary sch P.E, factories visit and seminar talks. Wahlan eh damn sianz seriously. And last but not least, this program lasts for 5 weeks. Poor thing rite? Okay im going school now!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

A free bird? for time being only

Woohoo finally the last paper rfme ended, HOPE i can pass this time round. I dun wan to stay in np for another 6 months lor. At least now can relax awhile. Awhile is only until Monday =( VPP is the term for my vacation project. I have to go back on Monday to do project 8-5 for 5 weeks wtf. So bored. Dun care. Going to skip if i have any lan events to attend. Anyway after the last paper, QP organised an outing to bugis for steamboat. It was quite cheap la, 15 bucks/head, except that every food has to be boiled -_- After that bth i go home and slp. Heven slp for the whole nite because of the exam. Nowadays life has been not bad for me. Slacking and have fun nia- Dun wanna think of other things. Best is to avoid relationship which might cause alot of problems later on for me. Ok la dun wan to go into details.

Anyway check out tis
mouse omg damn chio. Going to get it someday!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Wah damn stress, taking a break now. Lets pray the paper is easy for us to pass. There are like countless things to study. Everytime i take the book out, there's this new thing tat i heven come across. I keep forgetting the things tt i memorised yesterday. So fucked up lo =/ Hope things will turn out well.
Looking forward for CPL. hehe Although we sure tio thrash, but nvm, juz trying to have fun before i go NS. Anyway good luck to all my poly friends having exams!

Friday, August 18, 2006


hoho has been a long time since i blogged. My laptop has some problems. I can't connect to the internet at all. Nvm now the problem is gone, so were all the files i had in my lappy. -_-
After the PD1 reviews, more challenging things are coming up. My exams is coming too. Davt and Rfme on the 22nd and 24th respectively. Many ppl thinks that i got only two paper sure relax la, but i think im going to flunk my rfme lor. Nvm i will try my best =/

CPL Singapore is coming too, on the 15th-17th of Sept. Gonna form my team and train hard for this compy.

Friday, August 04, 2006

A fortunate day

Phew ! wat a day. Today was our final preview day. This preview would be 3 supervisors from other department sitting in front of our powerpoint and we have to present the whole project to them. I reached school punctually at 8 in the morning to do testing. I was nervous lor. My mind was thinking " wat if this components dun work or my signal won't turn up". Nvm at around 9.30am. Kel asked our supervisor wat time was our preview. he said "thursday morning 10am" WTF. Where got time to get ready. Luckily he helped kel with the testing of the components while me and Fazus prepare the powerpoint slide. At around 10.30am, the 3 supervisors came.

I started presenting the powerpoint and i kept STAMMERing. Luckily, kelvin and Fazus interrupted to help me continue the slide. We got around 9 ppt slides only. At the second last page of the slide, the lecturer brought up a qns about the components and when he said continue, its "the end" page. Omg so short. Nvm. Mr Gwee, one of the nice lecturer previewing us, asked us to continue by showing the testing of the components. Fortunately, all of us did it successfully. After that, i was expecting them to ask for the software showcase, but seriously we dun have any. But they said "good, continue with the good work" and pulled back their chair to stand up =P.

We were damn lucky to get these "kind" lecturers to preview us. We were the group among the cluster who had the worst attendance and the slowest progress among them. Yet the lecturers actually praised us when we did the testing of the components successfully. I can't believe how fortunate we are. Chinese saying "The bridgehead would be straight once the boat reached". Quite true huh lol. We were damn relief and happy after the preview. The lunch after that was delicious trust me!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fun or boring life?

Have you ever reached home from school or work and sit down in ur comfort sofa thinking, what are you doin in life. Wake up early for school... study till late afternoon... den come home and do countless assignment. In some point of your life, you feel desperate. Opps i meant desperate from another perspective, a good one. You feel desperate and wants to have some clean fun or challenge. Maybe its a joy for some people to simply take out the textbook and read or revise, a joy for them to simply work their life through till they are old. You couldn't do what you want like some other people. Nowadays society do not allow us prove ourselve. We have to give up things we like or we could excel, for studies. Parents paid so much for our education that we feel bad to fail modules. You turn on your television everyday and saw your favourite artist doing the things they like, footballers earning so much money in a soccer match, or in any other case. Of cause they have to work hard to get to where they are. But when the passion for their job is there, its no wonder they can act/play so well. We have no other choice actually. Singapore is a small country. In order for her to survive, the people have to work. So tt's what we do, mugging away with our books and try to get a gd result. Failing to do that only gets some lecturing from teachers or parents. Spend some time thinking.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Crucial week

As much as i know im going to have the final preview this week, laziness really comes out big this time. i have problems getting the components for testing of the circuit. And i encountered some software problems along the way too. Till now, i haven found any solutions to create the components in Eagle software. I hope the supervisor previewing my group would be lenient to us =/

Friday, July 28, 2006

Smart people

Today i was in class, as usual, doing my project. When Mr Terence, the guy who are suppose to review us on our project, came in and take a look. He would enter the class every thursday. Not checking whether we are slacking, but learning on how to create the project with us.
We were talking about the project when somehow, we managed to talk about google. He told me that he was "quite" a google fan. As he carries a doctorate, he also make research via google. That's a medium used by even doctors and scientists! He said he felt that for the next ten years, technology will fuels technology. It simply means that with better tech, there will be better technology and knowledge. Internet has become a very important thing in life in this decade or for the next. School children might not be carrying a textbook in the future if every knowledge can found on the internet. Of coz, there are scams in the internet too, but with so many source of informations found in the internet, its easy to get the latest and up to date news.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

SADSADSAD for wat?

Hey juz hope people around me dun wear a black face everyday. Stay cheerful even if you have any problems. Try to solve it with some actions. Be it BGR, Family or school, everything has its solution! Treating it as an obstacle in life and move on!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hobbies = income?

Isn't it everyone's dream to take a hobby, something you love to do, and start making money from it?
They say " do things you like, and money will come." Is it true? yes many ppl had proved that. Check out this
article to find out how u can make money from ur hobby !

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Everyday i take bus to school from clementi, i would see SIM. Its a school just beside Ngee Ann. I always wonder what can you study about management. i doubt the broadness of the subject. 1 whole school, people juz study for management? abit ridiculous.
But now i think i know why. Today i went to work in this factory in senoko. What i see in the morning was ok, what i expected. Big machines functioning and workers signing in for work. But wat i really found out from my friends really broaden my knowledge about the word "Management". The factory consist of really, and i mean REALLY organised system. Everyone was accounted for something. If someone really feels lazy, the whole factory would be affected.
Its really a new experience for me!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Right or Wrong?

ok have you wonder why some people tends to have different thinking besides you. Even though its wrong, they still do it? And worse still, they do the same WRONG thing over and OVer again.
This is because everyone thinks what they are doing is right. Everyone! even robbers or theif thinks they are doing the right thing. Why terrorists wants to die for their country whY?!?!? because they think they are doing the right thing in their perspective. They had been brain-washed.

ok whatever it is, always try to look at things from another point of views. Even if its wrong, try to understand the problems and change it. Never criticize the problems or anyone. This way, your life will be happier and clearer. The best is, view it from DIFFERENT viewpoints.

Another weekend

aww..its thursday again. Final preview is getting nearer and nearer. This week is week 13 and week 15 is the deadline. Time in poly passes quickly because of the long hours everyday. You won't realise even if it is time for lunch. Things is hand up would be :

Final preview (project)
Report on Final preview
job interview on week 14
presentation of WISP week 15

I came across this website which i think is very interesting. They interview the entrepreneur from singapore. Read the interview, very interesting.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Some ppl juz dun wan to set some standards for themselve. I have this project which was due tml. It consists of 4 members including me. Everyone would have to contribute to the project like info, powerpoint etc. This fucking guy name .. i also dunoe the name. i only met him 2 times, wtf. He seldom come to class. Only today, which is the last day for us to compile all the slide for the presentation den he appear.
When he appear, we thot of giving him someting to at least do for the project like summarising and correcting the tenses in our powerpoint slide. But he did nothing except talking nonsense all the way.
"Aiya delete this sentence la, useless one." If its really useless den its okay la, but what he points out actually answered the qns to our topic. zzz nothing to say

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Main purpose of blog...

Ok some of u might have noticed i have actually changed the blogskin of mine. This is because i felt that the main purpose of blogging is actually the content updated everyday, not the decor in the blogpage. So i made it simpler and easier for ppl to read.

All the events or views writtened are based on my OWN point of perspective. If i wrote anything wrong about anyone, please dun come and sue me but search your soul becoz tt's wat im really thinking loL!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

You dun realise until u lose it

You know you are a loser and u still do that. You pushed us aside when u had ur bf. When u and ur bf quarrels and proceed with the so-called small "broke up" routines, u come and find us. Only to leave us for your bf when u both "patch up" lol now i hope really someday u will find yourselve friend-less. At least now i know my ex gfs are all stronger than u. They do not believe in fairy tale stories like "two person in dreamland". Whenever i tok to them about their friends, they sure kp and defend their friends. These(more than one occasions) prove your immaturity, making-used-of-friends attitude and your childish behaviour.

Friday, July 14, 2006


Kena f**k by my supervisor during project class today. He said he felt like he's teaching a secondary school student -_-!!! secondary sch got electronics meh?

lol nvm about that. Today i went to the backgate for smoking break. There was this 40+ yr old guy walking around with his cigarettes and guess wat he did. He went to one of the trees and took a pee!! lol i took down the picture. farking hilarious!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


awww woke up and had a bad headache. Hope i could go to school but couldn't get out of bed.
Actually today was the deadline to hand up my assignment 3 for human com. but dunnoe whether MC would help =/

I think most of us would have our ups and downs in life. Its how you handle it. I had a friend telling me that she had a lot of problems in life. Chill leh, sure there's a solution to everything u face. Try to distract yourself by doing other things. But please dun avoid the problems. You won't solve anything! Good luck and hope u get ur way out!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Coffee is "Good" for you

loL im so addicted to this 3in1 coffee than cigarettes. I drank like 3 cups a day, EVERYDAY. It is highly recommended by me. lol, better than starbucks or coffee beans'. Can someone tell me wat's the maximum amount of caffeine one can consume?

Monday, July 10, 2006

wat the....

Guy A: She is fucking making used of me.
Me: Wat happened?
Guy A: She is always asking me to do report for her. Always asking me to buy bets for her in SGpool.
Me: den dun buy la!

the next day

Me: Eh go buy bets leh.
Guy A: ok wait ar, i ask her wat she wants first
Me: .....

Me: Later going yc house to watch final?
Guy A: Cannot leh, later going her house help her do reports.
Me: ...

Guy B: Fark la Im gonna give up on her. She says she wants to have more time to decide after i did so much for her
Me: really?
Guy B: YA! serious tis time.

2 days later

Guy B: eh u got any nice gd nite msg, i wan to send her.
Me: i thot u giving up on her already?
Guy B: but i really like her leh. she say she "enjoy" talking to me.

Cmon leh guys. Dun be stupid leh. Dunnoe wat is the right word to use, but... -_-!!! If you dun wan her to make use of u, den stop doing things for her. Or once u did for her willingly, stop complaining la!! She didn't use a gun to force U!

World Cup Champion

canavaro lifts the World Cup!

ok this is it, after 64 matches played in 30 days, it all comes down to one champion. Italy won the final by scoring all 5 kicks from the spot. In my opinion, Italy seriously deserves the take it. They only concede two goals in the entire tournament. One by zidane in yesterday's match and the other was an own goal. Their defence were like solid walls led by Canavaro. Always shutting opponents at the crucial moments. They faced bribery case back in Italy but they still give their best. Against all odds, they won! omg.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

World Cup Finals!

Alright, once in four years. Im gonna go out and watch this. But i have a rfme practical test at 8am in the morning. This is my plan, im going to watch this outside and go home bath before i go for the test. Skipping all lectures and going home at 12noon! hehee !

My prediction for this match will be 1-0 for italy. Im rooting for them!!!

Im also going to buy soe Ping An Foo in SGpool.
10 bucks on total goals 0
10 bucks on total goals 1
10 bucks on Italy WIN!

Okay for those who dunno where the f**k got sgpool in town. Here's where
There are two sgpool outlets. Both located IN cuppage plaza. Just beside somerset MRT and centrepoint. GD LUCK!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

borned like this?

I wonder why people always say i have those ah beng or tico looks. Even kelvin ( i know he dun lie) tells me when he first saw me, i gave him a very playboy impression. Frankly speaking, im not lor =/ Anyway, Qianping and her gang of people always like to say i have the tico look and kelvin have those faithful-to-girlfriend kinda look. WTF right. Its the opposite ! lOL.
Anyway today i woke up late and as usual, enter the classrm for Human Com half an hour late. The lecturer was teaching us on how to present ourselves during an interview for job. I think i will never be going for a permanent job after NS. I really dislikes working under someone. I want to be independent with my wealth and working hours. Normally, once people starts to work, they get those pay and would continue working for the companies because of the salary to survive. I don't wish to do that.
I know some people would flame me and say im childish or wat bla bla bla. But i dun care, im going to stick to my philosophy of wealth.My group and i presented our WISP project at 10am. I know i had talked nonsense because i didn't prepare it the day before. I went to bed right after i reached home. It was dull and boring. One group even had three scenario to present when teacher's instruction was 1 scenario per group. I nearly fall asleep listening to them omg. They even read all the words on the screen accordingly duh.
I met irene, jason, kel and yc for dinner in the evening. We were slacking after dinner on the playground when suddenly we talked about our future. WTF we are 20yo already. Im gonna start planning for my future soon.Staying up for Portugal vs France match.....

Thursday, June 29, 2006


WAHAHAHAHAH IM SO STRESSED!!!! project and presentation coming in the later weeks! NVM i will get over all THESE HAHA. Smart sch like np built a futsal court during the holidays! ITs so fun. played with my friends during tuesday. Nearly fall asleep when attending the lectures after soccer. We bath in the toilet near the bus stop haha. Its more challenging than street soccer. Futsal court is bigger and errr aiya juz more fun la! Gonna play street now !!! HAIL JOGA!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

char bor haiz!

Seems like the first day of school for kelvin is not that good. He had been frowning the whole day since i saw his face in class. He even missed the first two hours lesson in the morning. He told me about his gf giving him cold shoulders every now and den. Only showing concern towards him when she needs his service. He told me everything during lectures, when i asked him wat happened to him. Seems like everything had happened to me before too. It is so similar. Luckily time really heals. Wilkin also have some relationship problems too. WHY ARE GIRLS SO FUCKED UP! haiz..

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


woah sorry for not updating, my comp down for a week =/ . wb had already went in to serve ns. The way he describe it is not that scary leh, quite fun. School is starting soon, hope to pass this year and go in ns asap! bought alot of ping an foo from sgpool. Keep losing during world cup. Lucky i dun have account anymore, or else sure lose alot man. Ok will update more often

Saturday, June 03, 2006

boring week

The reason im here blogging is because im mugging my book away at home during this weekend. This time the common test is slightly different. The common test will commence BEFORE the holiday. It means that we dun have enough time to study for the paper this time round haiz. Nvm try to study as much as possible. Alot of my friends are facing relationship problems nowadays. Hope they could get through it ! cheer up and everything would be fine!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tiring week

The common test will be next monday and tuesday and the presentation for the project worth 50% will be on thur/fri. Damn busy... Gonna stay at home and study hard before enjoying the three weeks holiday! =/

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Went to PartyWorld with poly mates of mine on wednesday after our IS in Clementi. The service there were not that bad and the price were cheap because we went at 1pm =/ . I realised my world of chinese music is so limited man. They sang so many songs which i didn't hear before lol. When angela asked me to sing a duet with her i was like stunned, WTF. I don even know 1?
We sang until around 5+ before we took our seperate path.

Went to MOS on saturday nite as it was henry's birthday. He wanted to try clubbing which he heven done before. Went to town to meet them at around 7+. As it was still early, we went to kbox first. Wah sang three times in a month. I feel my vocals getting better =/ After around 10 + admond went to find his gf in cine -_- left me and henry singing lol! Later on carmen came over with his indo friend. Carmen brought a cake for henry and we celebrated it in kbox. At around 12+ we took cab to MOS. It was damn late and everyone was wondering whether to go in. It was at around 1+ and it closes at 4. Ever since CB close down, me and those clubbing kakis always hang at MOS. I felt a bit sianz looking at the sighboard I went there around 7 times in 2 months. So bored. Its the same. The R&B arena is as usual - so packed. One thing about henry is that he really enjoys the music and dance unlike our laogao lincoln hahaha. Henry juz told me today he wanted to go again to zouk. Good to get about kakis liao. ..

Sunday, May 14, 2006


AHHH!!! im feeling so full of life nowadays. Trying to enjoy my weekends to the fullest. First of all im damn happy that we got second for Ngee Ann Campus WCG. hehe. Got into the final and lost to Bongz's team. They played very well and they deserve the mp3 players =(. I did not even went to class that thursday because the schedule of the matches was so packed and we have to go back to the conventional hall in every two hours interval. We won 16-4, 16-4, 16-6 and lost in the final 11-16. Thanks to Riton, Sherwin, Jiaying, Bryan for their effort. After that wb came to NP and we went to the newly famous House of Thailand if im not wrong, for our dinner. Thanks Ruisong for the dinner man. He treated all of us as he won big bucks in soccer lol. All of us den decided to watch the movie Poseidon. The movie was something like Titanic, juz that the movie happens in the 90s. Its worth the money though. Too tired facing the monitors during WCG for the whole day so i went home earlier after the movie.Went fishing at punggol on Saturday with henry and company. I thot we would stay there till around 9 at night but found out that uncle won't be putting in fish again, all of us packed up and went back earlier. We went back to Yishun for our dinner till around 12am. Went to town to take pictures of girls lmao! After slacking awhile at Cine, we went to Rochor for the famous dao hui (beancurds ar). Damn nice. And finally took off for Prawning at Marina. I really dunnoe how to get a prawn sia. Henry had already caught 6 prawns and i still couldn't get one. Damn suay on that day. Nvm try again harder next time. At around 3.45am, we packed and went home. Weekends ending again! sianz!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Normally i won't be blogging at this time of the day but because i can't go anywhere with my sprained ankle for the FUCKING whole day, i have to find something to do. We planned to play soccer but since it rain, we played under the block. We went to this particular block. It is strange in a way that everyone was like looking at us when we play. Is it because World Cup is coming? Or they have nv seen ppl playing soccer under block before? An old man stands under the opposite block with his arm folded and stood for half an hour looking at us. funny -_-
So after the rain, we went back to the street soccer court for soccer. Ok this is how i got injured, I was trying a block a shot from mop tao, but the ball hit my ankle and sprained it. suay sia. It was the first time i sprained it so seriously. i have difficulties to even go for my dinner at the coffeeshop.
Today i have to share how i felt about something very typical in Singapore. Let's say there is this girl call A. She got a bf and seldom hang out with us anymore. The only time she hang out with us is when she has quarrels with her bf -_-! I still remember there was this time she wanted to go clubbing and asked my friend to share cab with her there (that day she quarrelled with the bf). A few of my friends were already there, so both of them went there to join them. This was wat i heard, she left after a awhile at the club after she made up with her bf. WTF was this man. PS my friend at the club? lol lucky i nv go. oh so yesterday, my friend msg her on msn and she said that she had deleted some of our contact becoz her bf dun like her to meet us. LMFAO! this is fucking stupid. I thot she had grown mature but haiz. Wakeup la, u think wat? two person in this world happily after in fairy tales? The best thing was that she had told me her ex treated her like that too. so she dun like. But she still does the same thing in her present relationship lol.
Anyway this has nothing to do with me, but one day if she got no more friends, blame herself.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Gary Cao ge

OOO went to Cine to see Cao ge's Autograph session. Thot its free but the fan club ppl say must have the album to go in the K union to hear him sing live. Since we have already reached the place, just pay and go in lor -_-. The 8th floor of Cine was damn packed, couldn't get a place to stand after coming out from the lift. We went quite earlier so we got the queue number near the front row damn heng. Some ppl was damn tulan as they couldn't even get a queue no lol. They were swearing at the kbox ppl. I took around three to four videos of cao ge singing before i realised that no video is allowed at the room, gonna upload it at youtube hehe. One thing i have to say is that he's a very powerful singer. Even better than jay, but not david tao =/ Gary sang around 5 songs before the autograph session begins. The girls there are crazy =/ They screamed like they heven talk for 10 yrs.
Anyway after the session, we went back to khatib for street soccer. We played against malays and indians and other ppl like other normal day. Today is abit special. After those ppl left home, we played the ball on our own. Guess what? i kicked the ball with too much force and the ball flew over the fence and hit one of the car on the road. The car stopped and a lady walked out of the car. I went over and said sorry. The lady checked the condition of her car and called her husband. Her husband asked me to leave my contact no. i agreed with them since i was the one who hit the car with the ball. I thot it was okay but den later jason interrupted and shout rudely at the lady. Ask me not to give her my contact. The lady was angry not becoz of the ball hitting the car, but becoz of jason and by talking aggresively to her. She requested to report to police since we could not agree each other. Sianz, to me it's a bit waste of time becoz i have to take my statement all that. In the end, the police also want us to settle it in a peaceful manner. So actually its a minor incident. Nothing much... suay DAY

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


OOO finally gets to hold the fishing rod the next day after prawning. Today the Fisherman's friend Henry can't wait to get fish home for his family dinner. Xb drives me lincoln and henry to punggol pro pond for fishing. What an experience especially for me! i have nv hold on to the rod before in my entire life. I have learnt how to tie the strong knots, to cast the rod and the feeling of getting fed to the mosquitos lol! But damn it! couldn't get any fishes at all, bad luck sial that day. Henry and wb got two fishes each. KNS. After fishing, we went to yishun for dinner. It was overall a fun day out beside the pond rofl.
Heard that Chao ge is coming to Singapore on the 7th. Ready to go with his hardcore fan-admond to cine!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Prawning? Fishing?

i would nv imagine myself sitting near a pond with a rod and fish. I finally did it today. But it was not fishing, it's Prawning lol. We wanted to go Pasir ris to catch prawns but when we reached there, the places was fucking crowded. So we headed to Marina for prawn fishing. I was like a noob holding a rod without any knowledge on how to put the bait all that before Henry taught me how to do it. The place was nice and quiet. Mostly groups of friends all around the pond. I caught my first prawn, opps it's a fish. Everyone was staring at me and i heard one of the girls said "why he got a fish?" lol. A fish in a prawn pond? WTF! After getting the fish, I wait damn long and still my float didn't go down. Irene and wb had already got 3 prawns zzz.
I thot i might have moved the rod too often in the water, so i hang my rod at the same place. Finally after 5 mins, my float went down. I pulled up and got a prawn hehehe. I did even got a prawn with egg ! The satisfactory was undescribable lor lol. Linda and kw are poor thing, they did not even got 1 prawn the whole night whereas i got three prawns and a fish, wb got 6 prawns and irene got 6 too. Damn fun! haha gotta go fishing someday. Heard from them that fishing requires more techniques hohoho

Sunday, April 30, 2006

My Birthday!

My project day fell on thurs and fri. 8-5pm. I thot it was a packed day. But wtf man, i could sign in at 8 and it was my free time all the way till 5pm! WTF. I had forgotten how to slack already. We went to gym, table tennis, basketball, pool and everything we could do in school HAHA.

As you all know, my birthday fell on a thursday, which is a school day. So, decided to celebrate on saturday. My mom and dad brought me to Swensen for lunch at causeway. Mom gave me a big ang pao !! WOOT i love you mum! I met my kakis at Khatib before we board the train to marina for steamboat. The trip there was like damn long, somemore it was already around 8+, everyone was damn hungry. We were told by the woman that there will be free flow drinks but when we paid the money, they said they only have one free drink wtf. Overall it was alright la. Except for the tom yam soup, SO HOT! Everyone was sweating while cooking their own food lol. After eating, Wb called me and asked where we're going. We have a really hard time deciding! So we decided to go kbox in cine. I was told that we will be joined by yc, evelyn and derek heng.
On our way there, it was damn funny and embarassing. Everyone who board MRT often, know that there will be a empty space under the seat. Hogan wanted to be the entertainer and promised to ly under the seat on our way to orchard while we each pay him 2 bucks. As u all know, City Hall Station or the station before are always the one with the most ppl. He lie under the seat and some ppl dun even know. The legs of the commuters covered hogan lol! When the train arrived at Somerset, Hogan climbed out of a commuter's leg and everyone was shocked, how come someone climbed out from under the seat. Anyway, really kudos to Hogan for doing such a thing.
After reaching orchard, we took our time as we had already booked the rooms. Anyway, upon alighting the train, By had gotten rashes from the food we ate juz now. He was feeling damn uncomfortable. Rs suggested wb to send him home, but by didn't want. Lucky he didn't, or else he wouldn't had so much fun later on.
Anyway we sang from 12 to 6 in the morning before we took the train home hohoho. Thanks to by, rw, sk, rs, kel, kw, henry, lincoln, willie, bert, admond, yc and wb.
I love the brazil shirt ! lol
It was a memorable 20th birthday !

Thursday, April 20, 2006

gdbye uncle....

Sigh. Two weeks ago i was told that my uncle contracted liver cancer. The doc said that he has only two months to live as the cancer cells had spread to all parts of the body. But juz last week, his conditions became very critical. He had difficulties breathing all day long. Although im not that close with him, I know that he doesn't smokes or drinks. These few days, doc said that he might go any time. It really shows how fragile life is.
Yesterday we received a call from my aunt in msia that he had passed away at 3am. My parent went msia to help with the funeral. im going in tml..
Please cherish ur love ones. Dun regret.. Gd bye uncle

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Went to Marina on saturday for our match against aizai friend's team. Damn, the field was damn nice. With all the lines drawn clearly and without much "holes" around the field. Referee was good, making very wise decision. Although we lost, but i felt that we have played very well. Duno why, i felt so shiok after playing the match. It's like a real offical match woot! without the kite thread all around the field, i think it would be perfect! After the match, we took cab back to khatib to watch epl. My leg couldn't move much since then, damn tired.
Wanted to play more soccer before i starts school, but it keeps raining around 3 to 5pm sianz. That's the time when everyone have woke up and ready to go out.
Mom bought a 800i for my bd woot. i love my mom. Wanted to get the 750i but since 800i comes with a bigger memory space, i think its more worth it.
Went to queensway shopping centre with them to look for street soccer boots. Initially wanted to get the lotto 1, but when we around, we saw a damn chio nike boots which ronaldinho wears.
Later den i realised that every shop have no more stock except one. OMG. grabbed it quickly lol. ok will continue updating

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Have been really slack nowadays. less and less soccer because of difficulties getting opponent to play on weekends. Luckily, we will be playing with aizai friend's team in Marina on Saturday. First time playing in a GOOD field, really excited about it. But damn expensive. Each person would have to pay 5 bucks for the field and referee. School will be starting on 24th. I checked my class. I have been back to the class where kelvin, angela are etc - ppl whom i click with. Damn shiok haha. im not going to waste this last yr in sch already, wish to study hard and get a good grades.

During rs chalet, I met kx who are serving ns at the moment. He told me the sergeant in bmt damn fierce, nv give face one. Dunno i can tahan anot sia lol. But nvm, everyone would have to go through this stage except female of coz.

I have been thinking wat im going to do after ns. Friends will not be so close after ns liao. Some of them went in earlier. Would we still be in contact after ns? Hope to spend more time with them these few days. Im not a gay la, but really, u will feel sad when we can't spend time talking cock together, play and watch soccer, gamble. Almost everything. But everyone has his or her own lives. There are no forever foes and enemies. So cherish ur time together.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Hi, have been a long time since i blogged. Have been playing soccer alot lately with my friends.
Hmm... Lets talk about the first match we played having our jersey on. We already agreed with ah tong (the guy who made our jersey) to have a friendly match against people from Sarawak. They are actually workers in Singapore. When we arrived, three teams are already present. Ah tong had already promised us that he will be refereeing two matches between the four teams. When we first made our jersey, Ah tong told us to get a red socks for our jersey. But i really dun like the colour combination so i wanted a white one. I thot that we won't be so suay la, raining on the first match. Mud stain all over our jersey? Guess wat, it was drizzling even before we started the match ROFL. Dun feel like talking about the matches la, sure bored u all. We lost all three matches =( Knn more and more teams gathered near the field when we were playing the last match. Dunnoe how this ah tong organise matches one. Trying to cheat teams for their money. Luckily we didn't pay a single cent to him. We later proceed to 700+ to train lor. It was fun overall. I took cab with zachary home after that.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Have been playing soccer quite alot lately and reached home late. So tired that i fall asleep, no time to update my blog =/ One day when i was taking train home, i sat opposite a 30+ yr old woman. Her mum was seated beside her. She came over and ask me if i mind having the seat elsewhere becoz her mum would be frightened if there's any strangers near her. The way she treats her mum really touches me.
Would you take care of your parents when they are older? Many of us said they would because they thot is the right thing. But when you're older, there will be work and families to ties u down. Better cherish them before they are gone.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Exam finish!

Yes! finally finished my exams on friday. Damn it, I spend only 4 hrs slping per day during the exam weak. Finally when i thot im going to have a good rest, Irene's bd chalet is coming up! I was on cab with Zachary back home when we discussed about our soccer team. It will be lot of soccer matches during this holiday hehee. Going to find work soon, or else no money. Ok will be updating often.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

soccer fightfest

Woke up late for soccer on a sleepy saturday morning. The match was scheduled on 10am but i woke up at 9.30. Took a cab down to khatib and saw rw and bert walking towards the field. -_- Today's match was abit special because we dun have stronger players from yisheng and other tp players. Henree, zach, wb and nick was playing for the first time for us. We went down early in the match. Ok, now here comes the most interesting part. During the second half, one of their players touches the ball with his hand and yc shouted for a foul. Instead of talking properly, the small size defender kan yc's parents. Most of our team members went to attack him. Everyone was like fucking hot temper. Ruisong started the punches on the guy and the guy wanted to call water sia lol. He landed a total of three punches towards the guy, wahah. Henry was like chionging towards any of their players. Opponent keep saying " lai la lai la" but still moving backwards. I think they were afraid of Henry because of his size. Soon kw called the police. The match stopped and we proceeded to kopitiam for our lunch.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Erm someone posted this blog address in the main channel. It is very INTERESTING.
Gays acceptable in ur opinion? check this out. / / . Maybe gays can last longer than normal couples because they understand each other ? PS : im str8 heheheh

Monday, February 20, 2006

A busy life

Have been busy nowdays not becoz of studies, but because of fun with friends. Saturday was a day many of us have been waiting for =) We have a soccer match against a team we lost to by 2 goals deficit in the past. Reach the pitch at around 10.15am. Everyone was late again including me =/ I have a chance to try on my new boots which i bought 1 week ago. It was a red and silver predator =)~~ The match ended 4-3 to us. We finally won ehehehe. Anyway most of kena sunburnt. It was suntanned all the way from start of the match to the end. Most of them went to eat after that. We slack awhile and i went home to sleep. I woke up around 8+ and watches Man u match against liverpool. Sad sia.. they lost 1-0 to liverfools. It have been slacking all the way after that. Damn boring. Even saturday so boring liao, wat about Sunday?

At Sunday around 4+, i met up with them at 921. Expected to be a "sianz" sunday. Wb suggested playing soccer but my leg still got old injuries sia.. Nvm la since they so enthu, den play lor. After a round of soccer, the loser team have to do the forfeit lol! Luckily my team consists of stronger players. Funny to see ruisong running. He smoke a cig while running, wtf.
After the match, Wb insisted on playing again. In my mind i was like "WTF SIANZ SIA" but nvm we finish the match went to the nearest kopitiam to have our dinner. After our dinner, we went to the study corner nearby. Juz went i thot we would end the day like this, we found a ball at the basketball court beside the study area. Damn, we were divided into teams again. Playing the full court becoz there were 12 players lol. Running here and there again. One of us said that today is sport's day lol. When by saw a police car, he ran all the way towards the coffeeshop again like a dog lol! the rest of us followed. Bth. When we sat at the void deck, The police car turned in! bo pian. Cannot run liao. Luckily the policemen are humourous. They joke with us. Anyway, none of us wore like pai kia, so, they should have known we are just playful. After the taking down of our details, they went off and i went home soon after. Wonderful Sunday =)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A New Life, A New Phase

Sorry, have been busy hanging out with my friends to update this blog =/ Ok first, happy birthday to our sorzai aka Valerie leong. Thanks for the bbq - made me win money =D Ok a new phase of my life begins. I dun believe in bearing grudges and burning bridges towards our ex gf or bf. Let's move on. Hmm... exams is coming in three weeks time, hope i could make use of the time and pass all my modules =/. The next most anticipated "event" will be NS. Some of my friends would have to go in first, i wish them all the best! I will be joining them next year, after i finish my poly.

Ok Saturday was valerie's bbq birthday celebration. I met jason, irene, henry, willie, lincoln in the afternoon for town becoz some of them have not got any gifts for valerie. We met yc and kelvin in town at the starbucks near the california gym. After slacking awhile there, we went to shop around heeren and cine for gifts and bio char bor =/

Since we will be late for valerie's bbq, we came up of an idea to act as though we are not going for val's bbq anymore. That stupid sorzai even threatened me on the phone, order me to go for her bbq. LOL. When all of us reach the place, she was surprised but of cause happy. I think our groups consist of the best (or hardcore) gamblers in singapore becoz we could gamble no matter where we are. We put a matt on the pavement and started gambling. Knowing that i do not have luck, i put money in ruisze's place. lol he damn lucky, help me win money. Ok, we ton till about 6 and everyone went home by cab except me and willie.

Sunday was tiring since we did not have enuff sleep. We have decided to play streets soccer. I woke up at about 5+ and have to rush to khatib for soccer. But when i reached there, only bert was sitting at the hut under the HDB (as usual -_-) He seems very excited saying chio bu went up the block with a guy but she actually duno the guy. Seems to be FL, or freelance fyi. After about 20 mins, yc, kel, rw and rs came with xb drving. We started the game first before woodlands kias like nick, yj, qb and TM arrived. We played from 7 to around 11 before we proceed to the 848 coffeeshop for drinks. Damn thirsty and hungry. Ate the yong tau fu there, damn power. We tcss till i took the last train home. Reach home feeling moody, duno why. But when i think of rw, i feel sad for him LOL. His ex gf walk past the coffeeshop holding a guy's hand. Hai, i have worst experience. Anyway, i watched the dvd they lent me and slept at around 5 in the morning.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Happy bd mery!

Really sianz of school already.. Wanted to go sch in the afternoon but heard that many of them not going, so no mood already. Called rw up and met them in 925 for lunch. Soon, ruisze and rs arrived. After the gathering, WB fetched irene home before he went for his presentation in school. The rest of us went to rw house for mahjong. Watched SPL at his home. Its a fighting movie and overall it's not that bad, except that it's quite short. After around 6-7pm decided to go for Mery's birthday instead of Shina's wedding. Sorry carmen but i really dun feel like going yet u keep forcing me to. I rather go for the occasion where i know the person well.

We were getting late yet we have to wait for the dua pai rw to get ready. So, me rw ruisong ruisze wb by bert went to Great World City together. Fortunately, Mery heven booked the table yet and by could join us at crystal jade restaurant. Wb and ruisong would have to eat alone as they didn't know mery well. It was me bert ruisze by mery klara and bf, a girl and other two guys( didn't know the name well). We wanted to have rice over there but since birthday girl wans to have noodle, all of us choose individual set of noodles.As usual, QinChai(klara's bf) made the most noise again. haha he's the most kp and talkative one sia. But overall, he is a good guy la. The food was heavenly! Was that the word ruisong uses? lol Damn nice! Especially the xiao long bao, with the chup inside OMGOMG. Thanks Mery. After eating, we decided to proceed to mery's house to play cards ! Wb offered to give a ride to her house. Unbelievable, i lost again in the beginning, have to be banker to win back all my money =( Took a cab home with my winnings at around 12.30am after wb drove me to khatib.

Monday, February 06, 2006


Fucking dulan!!! Why can't we end the day with a happy mood? Did i rush u in the morning ? The only difference was i wore my clothes without bathing? and waking u up (not even earlier)? Did i rush u and say "quick quick quick!!" Even if you got rashes, do you have the right to vent ur anger on others? Stop being ridiculous alright!? i didn't cause it! arrrgggggggg...

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Omg wanted to go town but kena dua again by ppl. Nvm, went 921 with kelvin kw xueli and rw to slack. Decided to proceed to kw house to gamble again. I started by losing ten bucks and couldn't recover since. Oh shit maybe it's time to STOP GAMBLING!

Saturday, February 04, 2006


omg boring friday. Tired of school nowadays. Didn't attend school and slept till 12 in the afternoon. Heard from one of my friends that there are actually two debarment date -_-Was thinking, why the hell do the lecturers wan to see so many parents duhz. Maybe joining philbert in the army soon. Slack at home till about 9.. before setting off for edric's house to gamble again muahaha.
Reached his home and thought that everyone was already present. But wtf, all of them are actually "reaching" soon. LOL although it's a dog's year but i hate edric's dogs. He has one very noisy one last time but he got two now -_- Damn noisy unless u stay for around 15 mins already, den they will keep quiet. Alright, have to admit i lost around 20 bucks there. Well, when u win some, u will lose some right? the sor zai actually luffed at me. -_- Stupid dog =/ Was gambling halfway when my mum called to chase me home =( Maybe i will lose more if i dun go -_-

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


wah lao i can't believe my luck for this year. Ive won over 150 bucks in 4 days. Xie Men AR!!!!! I bet wat also win lor.. not boasting but the fact. soccer, blackjack and other cards game bth =/
People said that when u win something u will lose something. Is it true? =/ Maybe becoz im a free thinker, to me, i feel that it's juz pure luck la.. when i wan to win something, i work hard for it. I lost something becoz i dun even care about it. My life is controlled by me =). What about you?

Went to youchao's house as usual. Its the same every year. Except that this yr was more fun. After eating and all the gambling, everyone was sianz of the cards ( i lost all my $$, leaving 2 bucks in my wallet). YC took out his ball and we took over the roads for a soccer game. LOL wtf. The stake of the match was 10 bucks for the winning team. Everyone were very serious and enthu. Working hard to get the ball when.. guess wat? A police car drove pass lol!! The ball was left behind a car (not visible to the police) when they came. Those with ICs would have to surrender them and the rest sat on the pavement beside the road. When the policemen questioned what were we doing on the road, someone told them that we were playing catching lmao. i could see that one of the two policemen wanted us to get the IC from the house but another gave him a nevermind-lah look. Maybe becoz it's cny ba. Our energy all wasted sia, spend so much chasing after the ball and in the end no results lol. After that some of us were seated outside, while the rest were watching tv.
Soon, some of them gtg. So, leaving a few of us, we decided to go up to the third floor for cards game again. Using a two dollar notes, i won back about 30 plus lmao. damnit i dunnoe how i did that. As usual, willie and ruisong lost the most. We played till about 6plus before we went home and slp. All of us drop dead after we bathed.

The day after, we met up for a movie, Fearless. Greatly anticipated becoz wb and others who watched has said that it's a nice movie. Overall, quite a good movie. Please watch it =) We went to henree's house and gamble. We were smoking at the void deck of henry's house when his sister-in-law and brother saw us. After a moment later, henry received a phonecall from his mum nagging about him smoking . Damn suay. When we enter henry's house, his father said aloud ," wah zai hor? smoking ar?" wah lao damn paiseh, anyway how old are we ? it's non of his business =[ Okay, we took the cards game to Henry's room. Lost alot again in the beginning. Leaving me only 3 bucks. After that we changed game. We played the five cards game( dunnoe wat issit called) and i actually won back. After i won about 20+ i caught hold of Ace of Spade twice in a row. The other Aces are actually 1 points but spade Ace is a triple win. I took home another 17 two dollars notes lol!! heng heng. After that we bid good bye and slack at the coffeeshop near his house before we went home. Boring, sch is starting and we went home early.

Friday, January 27, 2006

hey losers

hey stop acting cute and saying yourself adorable la please. It's okay to try and gain a little bit of attention, but if u r trying very hard to, den u are becumming irritating. So, pls try to understand why ppl are avoiding u. People are SCARE OF U LOR. pls pls pls... stop the meow here and there thank you

Thursday, January 26, 2006

to u

Hey juz wanna tell u i really enjoyed the time spent with u yesterday.. i can't describe it really. Maybe becoz u looked happy, tt's y im happy too.. Will miss u when ur away =)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

CT results

The common test results are back. Im so sad.. I took four modules and i failed one. Despite staying at home for the whole week studying hard for the papers, i still fail to pass all. I got 44 for the paper. I failed to achieve my desired result damn! I feel that im becoming more and more useless lor. Usually i set aims for myself and get the result... but nowadays.. im losing confidence liao. But surely i will work hard for the retest although it is capped at 50 marks -_- Arrrggg.. hope i don't disappoint my parents and get into year 3. Must not give up ! ('_')

Monday, January 16, 2006

to someone

I admit i like u,
i really do,
But i still prefer my lifestyle now..
Maybe too used to be alone,
love the freedom im having,
sorry IF i hurt u.
I really treasure the short period of time we had together,
And appreciate the care and love you've shown.
I hope we still can be friends k?

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Happy chinese new year

LOL another festive season where the chinese families come together for celebration. But wat you all know about CNY? The history behind it? Actually i knew quite alot =/ ok here goes:

Chinese New Year actually starts with the New Moon on the first day of New Year and ends on the full moon 15 days later. The 15th day of the new year is the Lantern Festival, which is celebrated at night with lantern displays or even fire crackers(not in sg of coz) and children carrying lanterns in a parade.

The Chinese calendar is actually based on a combination of lunar and solar movements. The lunar cycle is about 29.5 (or 30 days) kinda forgot already =/. In order to "catch up" with the solar calendar the Chinese insert an extra month once every few years (seven years out of a 19-yearcycle). It is the same as adding an extra day on leap year. Now you understand why according to the solar calendar, the Chinese New Year falls on a different date each year.

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are celebrated as a family affair, a time of reunion and thanksgiving. The celebration was traditionally highlighted with a religious ceremony given in honor of Heaven and Earth, the gods of the household and the family ancestors.(Nowadays, they carry out the ceremony)

The sacrifices to the ancestors, which is the most important part of the rituals, unites the living members with those who had passed away. Departed relatives are remembered with great respect because they were responsible for laying the foundations family.

The presence of the ancestors is acknowledged on New Year's Eve with a dinner arranged for them at the family banquet table. This is the time where family members comes together. The spirits of the ancestors, with the living, celebrate the "starting" of the New Year as one great community. The communal feast called "surrounding the stove". It symbolizes family unity and honors the past and present generations.

I wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Prostitution, the oldest occupation in history, is now worked by the young childrens. Girls of 16 yrs old and below, are earning money by selling their own body. Get Real. Is this real? Yes. Singapore older men are flocking over to batam for paid sex. One guy they interviewed in the show was named Alex. Although his face was not shown, i could see that he's those kinda beng beng type la, from his other physical appearances.
First, he was asked why he would choose girls of 16 age, wouldn't it be very disgusting. He answered " If he have a daughter of 21 yrs old, he wil feel that way. But now he likes younger girls as they could satisfy his needs more"
Secondly, they asked him whether his wife knows about his sexual activities outside. He replied that his wife even came with him to batam. Even CHOOSES the girls for him. He feels that all guys are the same, have the needs to release. ROFL!
Thirdly, they asked him whether he will feel guilty about it. He answered no. Because he thinks that he's helping the girl by paying her money for them to support themselves.

Hmm... fyi, it is illegal to have sex with girls under 16 in Singapore, and 18 in Indonesia. And still they have so many cases of underaged sex. Is it really problems of complementing the laws?


Yes my common test over! Went to class on monday and result i passed csf( didn't went to lab). Heard from leong heng hehee. Went to take my laptop in the morning. Omg it was at Penjulu lane, C&P holding. Some ulu place in Jurong East. When i reach there by cab. I have no idea how to go to the "actual place" to get my laptop. The place was like a big factory, with trucks moving around everywhere. After asking the guards for the spot. I redeemed the laptop went to the canteen. Unwrapped all the boxes and realised it was actually nice looking, chio. omg. The comp spec is AMD Turion® Processor 3000+ (1.6GHz), 512MB, 60GB, Double Layer DVD±RW/±R, 6-in-1 Digital Media Reader slot, Integrated modem, Integrated 10/100 LAN Ethernet, Integrated wireless LAN 802.11bg, Integrated Bluetooth, Microsoft® Windows® XP Home, 14.0. Went home and check whether it's a new batch or old batch. Omg it's a 1X512 hehee new batch. heng ar...

Went to sch reluctantly after having my lunch(mum cook) at home. Thanks mom i love you =).
Sometimes i really hate China ppl. They are always like gong gong one la zzz. I was paired up with this china guy and he doesn't know anything about the fcs lab lor. Farking stupid!!! arrggg. im always trying my best to complete the lab and guess wat he did? he actually digged his nose in front of me, fuck! And if i dunnoe how to do the lab how? hong kan lor. must wait for everyone to finish den get answer from them -.-! Like this how to go off early! damn.. ok gd nite bth liao .

Thursday, January 05, 2006

ARrrggg bored

oh it's 3.30am, and im here absorbing languages required to communicate with a computer ? Visual basics paper at 8.30am later! Hopefully they set the paper through the past yr paper =).

Took FCS paper at 4 in the afternoon. Omg, it's a confirm pass lor. The paper is almost exactly like the one from the past yr's common test paper. hEHE. The hp ppl call liao. Time to redeem the laptop on Monday. Hey, monday? everyone got sch lor. Nvm la... plans to skip the morning lesson and bring the lappy to sch to install all the required programs hehehe. The place is at dunnoe which ulu part of singapore la.. zzz

ok back to eating books !

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Life's a bullshit to her, not me

At times, the smartest person tends to become too naive for their own good. I am a smart person, at the very least, I have the confidence to believe in myself that I am not exactly dumb. Not exactly dumb to believe that beautiful things remain as they are, not exactly dumb to believe that beautiful people remain as they are. I told myself not to feel remorseful over anything, coz I've tried my best to salvage the situation. I've learnt that silence is really a virtue as it makes the situation a whole lot better than arguing(which i really HATE). I've learnt that when it's time to let go, forcing doesn't do any good. I've learnt that the ending of a r/s that had already turned ugly, actually marks the beginning of a better phase in my life because I have emerged a stronger person.

People never reveal their true feelings, because they are afraid that whatever decisions they make will cause more hurt to the other party. I am disgusted by these untruthful beliefs and promises made to myself, as I know deep down within me that they are never going to come true. Yes i admit I tried to hypnotised myself, tried to make myself believe that she still feels for me. However, just like all her vows to me, everything failed. I will not wallow in self-pity anymore. She wanted me to let go and I did gracefully. If I can be so nice & considerate to someone else, why not to my ownself? I deserve a whole lot better treatment.She surrendered herself to elusive desire and now, my path of forgiveness showcased in bitter truth after I departed.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year, Good beginning?

Christmas eve spent in town, New year eve in ... Jason's house -.-
We met up in ruiwen's house waiting for them to finish their mahjong session. After their mahjong session, we went to sembawang shopping centre for our dinner. It was around 9.15 already. We wanted to try the restaurant "Taste of Thailand" but they close door already =(. So all of us have KFC instead.

After dinner, nobody has any idea where to go. So they decided to countdown in Jason's house. We started blackjack from 11.30pm to 5am in the morning. I won about 40 bucks in his house. Is it a good beginning =) I wanted to win a cab fare back to woodlands but instead i can make a trip back and fo haha.

Ate breakfast and went home to koon !