Thursday, December 28, 2006


Announcement:We are currently restoring services affected by the Taiwan quake.

This announcement was taken from the singnet website. If anyone of you are experiencing lagness from ur home net, it should be this reason. I moved my blogger account to google acc already, it is worse lor. I still prefer the previous version. I did not update my blog yesterday because of this. Watching youtube videos was not possible too. Surfing forums was worse. The hardwarezone webby is already damn lag during normal days. Now i can't even see the advertisement from the site. Sometimes in life, unpredictable things might happened. Do not blame yourself or anyone else. Just stay calm and think of solution. Being frantic and being sad is not the real solution to any problems. Try to think of the last time u had a problem. After all, you looked back, its actually nothing. It is something u managed and HAVE to solve. Life is a waste if you do not live it to the fullest. So relax and sit back, Enjoy life! =D

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