Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Rain is coming to Singapore. Its true huh. It has been raining heavily the past few days. Today is the worst, the floor couldn't get any drier =/ I won't expect myself to be playing soccer during this month but there are always unexpected things. We prepared newspaper so that we could dry the court. But guess wat? after we dropped all the newspapers, the rain gets heavier. No choice, we have to play in these weather. It was unbelievable, we couldn't even see where the ball was. Sliding tackles, sitting and lying on the floor were all made possible because of the very wet floor. It was fun, it really was. Although i was shivering like a cold turkey, i had no regrets ahaha. This holiday is not that much fun because of the rain. But what if we had school, i think i would receive more warning letters liao =//.
Mom was asking me to sleep early nowadays. I wanted to, but how ? just dun feel tired at all leh. Maybe my bio time change again. Hard to sleep until 7 in the morning =D. When im typing this post, im actually risking my life, hoping my mom won't open my door to give me a lecture.
经典老歌 is damn nice and meaningful. I have been listening to oldies nowadays. i realised that those are songs that i've heard when im young, expect me to sing during the next kbox session =D

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