Sunday, December 24, 2006


I juz took a nice bath after this particular soccer match. This is the most memorable one. There is only ONE word to describe them. ROUGH.
The most seriously injured players must be YC and me. I got scratches on my knee, both palms, elbow and my body. Yc was hit on the knee twice + scratches on both palms too.
One of the incident i must really point out is that for those who knows soccer, after every goals, the ball are places on the middle of the field. When Yc started kick off, the guy went straight towards him and bang! Hit him on the knee. Nice referee, he told us that the floor was slippery. Ok we did had a nice mudbath party on the field but obviously the guy was not going for anything, not even the ball. He went for the knee. Everyone was wet, the colour of our clothes is exactly the same as our skin, IMAGINE.
One more situation. It was a corner for the opposition, i already took notice of one of their player, he ALWAYS try to bang in when the corner guy was about to hit the ball. When the ball came towards me, the 60-90kg heavyweight clashed with me. I lied on the floor flat. Thanks huh. When i stood up, everything was like normal. The ref dun even care about me=( Well maybe it was normal when u see those soccer matches. U see them clash with each other like no kick. But that bloody heavyweight merely hit me with his fatty shoulder and i know how embarassing it was.
Whenever the goalkeeper catches the ball, the opposition striker should not even try to kick the ball out from their grab. But this time round, our opposition was playing like 87mins-1-goal-down match. When lincoln grabbed the ball, they still try to do that, fucking rough malays -_-. The Referee still did not try anything to stop the striker. I wonder if he was telling the truth when he said he had no contact with even one of their players.
Our Lim Ruiwen is the best. We already knew he would said hes injured during halftime. But this time, it was better. After only twenty minutes on the field(mind you he barely runs), he said he got injury and i have to cover his post.
Im not whining after a lost. They do have players with quick feet and nice passes. Even without their hard tackles, they could get the ball easily. I juz dun like teams that took the match so seriously that like in the shaolin soccer movie, trying hard to injure players. Damn it.
Anyway with our mudbath and injury, i think this is a memorable christmas eve present i gave them hehehee.

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