Monday, February 20, 2006

A busy life

Have been busy nowdays not becoz of studies, but because of fun with friends. Saturday was a day many of us have been waiting for =) We have a soccer match against a team we lost to by 2 goals deficit in the past. Reach the pitch at around 10.15am. Everyone was late again including me =/ I have a chance to try on my new boots which i bought 1 week ago. It was a red and silver predator =)~~ The match ended 4-3 to us. We finally won ehehehe. Anyway most of kena sunburnt. It was suntanned all the way from start of the match to the end. Most of them went to eat after that. We slack awhile and i went home to sleep. I woke up around 8+ and watches Man u match against liverpool. Sad sia.. they lost 1-0 to liverfools. It have been slacking all the way after that. Damn boring. Even saturday so boring liao, wat about Sunday?

At Sunday around 4+, i met up with them at 921. Expected to be a "sianz" sunday. Wb suggested playing soccer but my leg still got old injuries sia.. Nvm la since they so enthu, den play lor. After a round of soccer, the loser team have to do the forfeit lol! Luckily my team consists of stronger players. Funny to see ruisong running. He smoke a cig while running, wtf.
After the match, Wb insisted on playing again. In my mind i was like "WTF SIANZ SIA" but nvm we finish the match went to the nearest kopitiam to have our dinner. After our dinner, we went to the study corner nearby. Juz went i thot we would end the day like this, we found a ball at the basketball court beside the study area. Damn, we were divided into teams again. Playing the full court becoz there were 12 players lol. Running here and there again. One of us said that today is sport's day lol. When by saw a police car, he ran all the way towards the coffeeshop again like a dog lol! the rest of us followed. Bth. When we sat at the void deck, The police car turned in! bo pian. Cannot run liao. Luckily the policemen are humourous. They joke with us. Anyway, none of us wore like pai kia, so, they should have known we are just playful. After the taking down of our details, they went off and i went home soon after. Wonderful Sunday =)

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