Saturday, December 16, 2006


Hmm... quite a busy holiday i must say. Spent the first two days with my gf, going out to eat, shop and talk crap.. We went clubbing on Wed at mos. What a boring boring day.. . The music was boring everything was boring. We ended the day earlier than expected at around 2 am before we went 921 to eat and talk cock until around 3 plus. Im so desperate looking for soccer matches nowadays. Asking friends team whether they are free and posting on forums to look for social soccer teams. Its so fun playing soccer on the big field. However, seems like the whole thing is too sudden, no teams free to play on weekends.

Sometimes what i heard might not be the truth but can't help thinking there are possibilities that it WILL happen. I am very disappointed towards two of my friends that did all those things behind our back. Hopefully they realised that it is a cheap and shameful thing to do. You walked out on us last time and now u do this kinda thing omg. I hope that those are rumours.

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