Thursday, July 06, 2006

borned like this?

I wonder why people always say i have those ah beng or tico looks. Even kelvin ( i know he dun lie) tells me when he first saw me, i gave him a very playboy impression. Frankly speaking, im not lor =/ Anyway, Qianping and her gang of people always like to say i have the tico look and kelvin have those faithful-to-girlfriend kinda look. WTF right. Its the opposite ! lOL.
Anyway today i woke up late and as usual, enter the classrm for Human Com half an hour late. The lecturer was teaching us on how to present ourselves during an interview for job. I think i will never be going for a permanent job after NS. I really dislikes working under someone. I want to be independent with my wealth and working hours. Normally, once people starts to work, they get those pay and would continue working for the companies because of the salary to survive. I don't wish to do that.
I know some people would flame me and say im childish or wat bla bla bla. But i dun care, im going to stick to my philosophy of wealth.My group and i presented our WISP project at 10am. I know i had talked nonsense because i didn't prepare it the day before. I went to bed right after i reached home. It was dull and boring. One group even had three scenario to present when teacher's instruction was 1 scenario per group. I nearly fall asleep listening to them omg. They even read all the words on the screen accordingly duh.
I met irene, jason, kel and yc for dinner in the evening. We were slacking after dinner on the playground when suddenly we talked about our future. WTF we are 20yo already. Im gonna start planning for my future soon.Staying up for Portugal vs France match.....

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