Saturday, September 17, 2005

its OVER

Yes the Exam is finally OVER!!!!!!! My holiday have officially start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully i could enjoy it as much as possible. NO ONE SHOULD EVER DECIDE WAT I SHOULD DO DURING HOLIDAYS =)

Friday, September 09, 2005

Final Exams

Ok the 3.1 Exams is here, it would last until next Thursday WEEEE. Wish me luck, i really need it hehehe. Anyway, good luck to teams taking part in WCG, especially team M4D. You all can do it!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Boon Yong's Birthday

Wah it has been a long time since I blog. Ok im gonna talk about what we did to celebrate my brother's Boon Yong's 18th birthday. It has been a surprise really, many people actually turned up for the celebration at Marina. Even kah wai and Sharon and others, who said could not make it, went for the Steamboat =D~. Okay i dyed my hair on the same day before meeting the rest of the people. Kelvin came to Marsiling to cut his hair lmao. Soon we met Valerie at Causeway Point to collect her pathetic pay =/ After that, we met the birthday boy, Ruisong, Clarice, Tiffany and Henry at khatib before our route to Marina for the steamboat. When we reach there, I was abit surprised to see Mery there. It was Philbert who actually brought her there. I heard earlier that he is bringing a girl there, never expect to be her =D We took a van to the place provided by the steamboat stall.

The place was crowded with people, dunnoe what special occasion for them. We sat on the fucking lupsup table with the table so low i can't even imagine myself eating with my food on it.
Yc, Eve and Kel reached later. The food was not bad. I wanted to eat more prawns but it turned out that the chicken meat were even tastier. Thanks to Carmen, She help me peel the prawns wahahaha. I think im the luckiest la, siting beside a Shatec student. Somemore the meat she cooked is tok kong one. Okay, after eating , we hanged around the bus stop deciding where to go. Someone decided to ton at orchard. so ok lor we took a bus back to Marina MRT. Ruisze and his gf went back early for whatever reasons. We went to blackpot pool. Almost everyone can ton sia, what a miracle, even Philbert lee the gay kia also can.

Okay sad to say i didn't play the pool at all, damn sianz, i juz dun feel like playing. On the way, Mery met her friend, Klara and Andy. Hmm both are Indonesian, Friendly chap la. After the long long pool hours, which i heard from Valerie, it cost 31+ bucks omfg, we decided to go somewhere to drink. Actually dun feel like drinking, but since it's a special occasion, i think i will go ahead lor. We took a cab to dunnoe which hotel with a pub inside. When we reach there, the pub were closed zzz. We walk to Zouk. Not all wanted to chiong, so we stayed outside the wine bar and ordered some drinks. It was already 3.30am. The place close at 4am zzz. We decided to play some finger guessing game to finish the drink asap. Im fucking suay losing almost every round and have to drink about 6-7 cups.

Ok la im weak la. I felt my head starting to ache and couldn't walk properly. We found a place to rest. After an hour or so, we went back home shiok =P
sorry didn't know i've written so much. Exams next week hope i can pass at least 3 la haha good nite!