Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Experience

Hahah i still can't believe that i am now a tutor. Teaching a primary 5 kid near my house. Although i was reluctant to accept the offer, i thought there is no harm spending 1.5 hours for 200 bucks per month(new experience lol). The offer came from some which tuition websites which i registered before i enlist LOL.

Anyway i thought it was some easy job la. Teaching four primary school subjects is like abc. But the bad thing is that primary school kids are more playful and they can't FOCUSSSSS . Damn dulan.. I don't know if i can still tahan haha but i will try la. Her past paper were really damn bad i don't know why. She seems to know everything when i ask her but i she wrote stupid answers in her paper. Probably she became kan jiong during her test.

At the last 15 minutes, she keep asking me to go -_-" nb so lazy. Oh ya and the location is damn far lor. Admiralty DR wtf. Can the stupid agent please check out my place first before offering me the venue. Yes i admit i should have check street directory or something like that before i go but im so busy with army!!!

Going to get bike soon!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Overcome thiss!!

I would be very disappointed with myself if i did not pass it this time round. Third time already! As usual i went to bbdc in the morning and took the TP. After all the crap by the instructors (which i listened to for the third time already), as usual we went for warm up. Aiya same old procedure..

I went to the room on the third floor waiting for the results and the good news is i passed!! haha 4 points somemore. Anyway i took a new pictures for the license since the card would last for long so have to take a more handsome photo LOL.

First time: 28 points (chui)
Second time: 6 points 1 immediate failure (stupid car)
Third time: 4 points

For me i feel is damn jialat already 3rd time. Some girls just took 1 time to pass -_-. Anyway at least i did something and overcame it. Some people just does not have the consistency to finish what they are doing =)

I wanted to book my car theory immediately but i was in a rush(to camp lor where else). Soon i would be take my car license i promise!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A happy and satisfied day

Normal nights out day would be Tuesday and Wednesday for my camp. The whole day was as usual, sleeping all the way. I reached home at around 7 and went to eat with my family. Nice meal and i really enjoy the time we spent together. After dinner i talked to my brother about his studies and what he is going to pursue in the future. Its rare that nowadays we could speak openly together as family after i enter ns. Mom also share with me what she did during the weekend. Im so happy that i have a complete home.

Time for me to go camp ciao!

Monday, January 21, 2008


Gone. My bike dreams, my plans to study part time in NS is over. Im posted to Khatib Camp. A stay-in Unit. Tomorrow have to bring my bag and everything in already. Im really not prepared at all. Had been staying out for 4 months and now suddenly, STAY IN. Gd lucky to me.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Near yet so far

Went to causeway's singtel shop and upgraded my plan. Bought a motorola flip phone since they gave 1gb memory so i thought might as well get a cheap one. Although i got a new phone yet im not that excited like before. I couldn't bring it to camp anyway. SIANZ.

Ate breakfast with my parents and one of their friend. Time pass really fast, she looks so old ever since i last seen her. Don't know wat i would look like when im old =/ Soccer soon !!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

next phase of army life

Yu Guo Tian Qing. They always say after the rain, it would be a fine day. How true this is, but after every smooth day, would you get a bad day soon? I hope my life would continue to be "fine" when im posted out. Jan 21st would be the day i get my posting. Would surely miss some of my coursemates once we are separated.

Changed my TP date to 18th of Feb. Luckily someone must have cancelled their slots lol!!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Can't sleep at all

5 months since i blogged this. Guess no one would thought that i would come back blogging again. Its a good thing actually, that no one actually view this blog except me now. These months in National Service i think through a lot. I met many different kind of people and absorbed some of the experiences i never thought i would.
In the past i always thought that money could solve everything. I always set goals and try very hard to achieve those. I focused so much on my goals but yet im not at all happy. Im only happy when im with my family, my friends and people i could confide in.
Till this point of my life, i realised that love from my families and friends are really what makes me happy. In my past relationships, i always blame the other parties when things are not going my way. I duno how to love. I dread giving care. Im selfish. But now i know. Happiness really comes from within.

2008 goals:
1: Spend more time with my family.
2: Find friends whom i have not met for a long time.
3: Try to appreciate simple things which money can't buy.