Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tiring week

The common test will be next monday and tuesday and the presentation for the project worth 50% will be on thur/fri. Damn busy... Gonna stay at home and study hard before enjoying the three weeks holiday! =/

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Went to PartyWorld with poly mates of mine on wednesday after our IS in Clementi. The service there were not that bad and the price were cheap because we went at 1pm =/ . I realised my world of chinese music is so limited man. They sang so many songs which i didn't hear before lol. When angela asked me to sing a duet with her i was like stunned, WTF. I don even know 1?
We sang until around 5+ before we took our seperate path.

Went to MOS on saturday nite as it was henry's birthday. He wanted to try clubbing which he heven done before. Went to town to meet them at around 7+. As it was still early, we went to kbox first. Wah sang three times in a month. I feel my vocals getting better =/ After around 10 + admond went to find his gf in cine -_- left me and henry singing lol! Later on carmen came over with his indo friend. Carmen brought a cake for henry and we celebrated it in kbox. At around 12+ we took cab to MOS. It was damn late and everyone was wondering whether to go in. It was at around 1+ and it closes at 4. Ever since CB close down, me and those clubbing kakis always hang at MOS. I felt a bit sianz looking at the sighboard I went there around 7 times in 2 months. So bored. Its the same. The R&B arena is as usual - so packed. One thing about henry is that he really enjoys the music and dance unlike our laogao lincoln hahaha. Henry juz told me today he wanted to go again to zouk. Good to get about kakis liao. ..

Sunday, May 14, 2006


AHHH!!! im feeling so full of life nowadays. Trying to enjoy my weekends to the fullest. First of all im damn happy that we got second for Ngee Ann Campus WCG. hehe. Got into the final and lost to Bongz's team. They played very well and they deserve the mp3 players =(. I did not even went to class that thursday because the schedule of the matches was so packed and we have to go back to the conventional hall in every two hours interval. We won 16-4, 16-4, 16-6 and lost in the final 11-16. Thanks to Riton, Sherwin, Jiaying, Bryan for their effort. After that wb came to NP and we went to the newly famous House of Thailand if im not wrong, for our dinner. Thanks Ruisong for the dinner man. He treated all of us as he won big bucks in soccer lol. All of us den decided to watch the movie Poseidon. The movie was something like Titanic, juz that the movie happens in the 90s. Its worth the money though. Too tired facing the monitors during WCG for the whole day so i went home earlier after the movie.Went fishing at punggol on Saturday with henry and company. I thot we would stay there till around 9 at night but found out that uncle won't be putting in fish again, all of us packed up and went back earlier. We went back to Yishun for our dinner till around 12am. Went to town to take pictures of girls lmao! After slacking awhile at Cine, we went to Rochor for the famous dao hui (beancurds ar). Damn nice. And finally took off for Prawning at Marina. I really dunnoe how to get a prawn sia. Henry had already caught 6 prawns and i still couldn't get one. Damn suay on that day. Nvm try again harder next time. At around 3.45am, we packed and went home. Weekends ending again! sianz!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Normally i won't be blogging at this time of the day but because i can't go anywhere with my sprained ankle for the FUCKING whole day, i have to find something to do. We planned to play soccer but since it rain, we played under the block. We went to this particular block. It is strange in a way that everyone was like looking at us when we play. Is it because World Cup is coming? Or they have nv seen ppl playing soccer under block before? An old man stands under the opposite block with his arm folded and stood for half an hour looking at us. funny -_-
So after the rain, we went back to the street soccer court for soccer. Ok this is how i got injured, I was trying a block a shot from mop tao, but the ball hit my ankle and sprained it. suay sia. It was the first time i sprained it so seriously. i have difficulties to even go for my dinner at the coffeeshop.
Today i have to share how i felt about something very typical in Singapore. Let's say there is this girl call A. She got a bf and seldom hang out with us anymore. The only time she hang out with us is when she has quarrels with her bf -_-! I still remember there was this time she wanted to go clubbing and asked my friend to share cab with her there (that day she quarrelled with the bf). A few of my friends were already there, so both of them went there to join them. This was wat i heard, she left after a awhile at the club after she made up with her bf. WTF was this man. PS my friend at the club? lol lucky i nv go. oh so yesterday, my friend msg her on msn and she said that she had deleted some of our contact becoz her bf dun like her to meet us. LMFAO! this is fucking stupid. I thot she had grown mature but haiz. Wakeup la, u think wat? two person in this world happily after in fairy tales? The best thing was that she had told me her ex treated her like that too. so she dun like. But she still does the same thing in her present relationship lol.
Anyway this has nothing to do with me, but one day if she got no more friends, blame herself.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Gary Cao ge

OOO went to Cine to see Cao ge's Autograph session. Thot its free but the fan club ppl say must have the album to go in the K union to hear him sing live. Since we have already reached the place, just pay and go in lor -_-. The 8th floor of Cine was damn packed, couldn't get a place to stand after coming out from the lift. We went quite earlier so we got the queue number near the front row damn heng. Some ppl was damn tulan as they couldn't even get a queue no lol. They were swearing at the kbox ppl. I took around three to four videos of cao ge singing before i realised that no video is allowed at the room, gonna upload it at youtube hehe. One thing i have to say is that he's a very powerful singer. Even better than jay, but not david tao =/ Gary sang around 5 songs before the autograph session begins. The girls there are crazy =/ They screamed like they heven talk for 10 yrs.
Anyway after the session, we went back to khatib for street soccer. We played against malays and indians and other ppl like other normal day. Today is abit special. After those ppl left home, we played the ball on our own. Guess what? i kicked the ball with too much force and the ball flew over the fence and hit one of the car on the road. The car stopped and a lady walked out of the car. I went over and said sorry. The lady checked the condition of her car and called her husband. Her husband asked me to leave my contact no. i agreed with them since i was the one who hit the car with the ball. I thot it was okay but den later jason interrupted and shout rudely at the lady. Ask me not to give her my contact. The lady was angry not becoz of the ball hitting the car, but becoz of jason and by talking aggresively to her. She requested to report to police since we could not agree each other. Sianz, to me it's a bit waste of time becoz i have to take my statement all that. In the end, the police also want us to settle it in a peaceful manner. So actually its a minor incident. Nothing much... suay DAY

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


OOO finally gets to hold the fishing rod the next day after prawning. Today the Fisherman's friend Henry can't wait to get fish home for his family dinner. Xb drives me lincoln and henry to punggol pro pond for fishing. What an experience especially for me! i have nv hold on to the rod before in my entire life. I have learnt how to tie the strong knots, to cast the rod and the feeling of getting fed to the mosquitos lol! But damn it! couldn't get any fishes at all, bad luck sial that day. Henry and wb got two fishes each. KNS. After fishing, we went to yishun for dinner. It was overall a fun day out beside the pond rofl.
Heard that Chao ge is coming to Singapore on the 7th. Ready to go with his hardcore fan-admond to cine!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Prawning? Fishing?

i would nv imagine myself sitting near a pond with a rod and fish. I finally did it today. But it was not fishing, it's Prawning lol. We wanted to go Pasir ris to catch prawns but when we reached there, the places was fucking crowded. So we headed to Marina for prawn fishing. I was like a noob holding a rod without any knowledge on how to put the bait all that before Henry taught me how to do it. The place was nice and quiet. Mostly groups of friends all around the pond. I caught my first prawn, opps it's a fish. Everyone was staring at me and i heard one of the girls said "why he got a fish?" lol. A fish in a prawn pond? WTF! After getting the fish, I wait damn long and still my float didn't go down. Irene and wb had already got 3 prawns zzz.
I thot i might have moved the rod too often in the water, so i hang my rod at the same place. Finally after 5 mins, my float went down. I pulled up and got a prawn hehehe. I did even got a prawn with egg ! The satisfactory was undescribable lor lol. Linda and kw are poor thing, they did not even got 1 prawn the whole night whereas i got three prawns and a fish, wb got 6 prawns and irene got 6 too. Damn fun! haha gotta go fishing someday. Heard from them that fishing requires more techniques hohoho