Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Ah! finally, the term test ended today. The DCST paper was quite decent i must say. Not sure whether i could pass the paper, I tried my best =D. I have a three weeks break including this week ^-^ . Gonna play more field soccer this holiday. Although my supervisor instructed us to go back during the holidays, it will be quite slack i guess. Gonna enjoy my youth and spend every single mins busy before i go army. Darling is sick today, hope she feels better after her rest so that she could watch movie with me =DD.
The other day, Xueli asked me what im gonna do with my life, in the future. Im really confused. I was ambitious last time. I try to work hard for everything in life. Most of the time i succeeded. But suddenly i was confused. Every jobs or occupations contain something interesting seriously. Some people go for their interests, some for fame and some for money. I guess i want a life that allows me to try everything and be flexible. I can't explain.. really.

Nowadays, if you notice, there were alot of ambulance around. When i was scanning the pages on the newspaper, i saw alot of mysterious death happening. More and more people are jumping MRT. Life is so fragile man. People can even die from their sleep. I dun understand. Last time, i thot everything in life can be controlled. But nowadays, it seems, the best choice is to enjoy every seconds of your life before you regret.

Anyway my tagboard got problem leh. Im a noob at fixing it. Need some help from my darling lol!

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