Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Went to Marina on saturday for our match against aizai friend's team. Damn, the field was damn nice. With all the lines drawn clearly and without much "holes" around the field. Referee was good, making very wise decision. Although we lost, but i felt that we have played very well. Duno why, i felt so shiok after playing the match. It's like a real offical match woot! without the kite thread all around the field, i think it would be perfect! After the match, we took cab back to khatib to watch epl. My leg couldn't move much since then, damn tired.
Wanted to play more soccer before i starts school, but it keeps raining around 3 to 5pm sianz. That's the time when everyone have woke up and ready to go out.
Mom bought a 800i for my bd woot. i love my mom. Wanted to get the 750i but since 800i comes with a bigger memory space, i think its more worth it.
Went to queensway shopping centre with them to look for street soccer boots. Initially wanted to get the lotto 1, but when we around, we saw a damn chio nike boots which ronaldinho wears.
Later den i realised that every shop have no more stock except one. OMG. grabbed it quickly lol. ok will continue updating

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