Tuesday, May 02, 2006


OOO finally gets to hold the fishing rod the next day after prawning. Today the Fisherman's friend Henry can't wait to get fish home for his family dinner. Xb drives me lincoln and henry to punggol pro pond for fishing. What an experience especially for me! i have nv hold on to the rod before in my entire life. I have learnt how to tie the strong knots, to cast the rod and the feeling of getting fed to the mosquitos lol! But damn it! couldn't get any fishes at all, bad luck sial that day. Henry and wb got two fishes each. KNS. After fishing, we went to yishun for dinner. It was overall a fun day out beside the pond rofl.
Heard that Chao ge is coming to Singapore on the 7th. Ready to go with his hardcore fan-admond to cine!

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