Sunday, December 03, 2006


Sigh! this is the time when i can't do anything. The exams will start 2 weeks from now. Although its only 1 paper, the real weight comes from the Final review of my project this week. This will determine whether i have to come back during the holidays. It will be impossible for the project to be completed i have to admit. But den i still have to touch up on it. Its like stucked in the middle. You feel like u have to do something but u can't do anything about it. I really hate this feeling. I didn't attend anything lectures since the first two weeks and i kinda forgot the image of our lecture theatre already.
Slowly, the time during poly seems to pass by more and more quickly( dun believe me u can ask any poly students) This is my schedule for 1 week.

Monday: woke up around 11+ and head to sch for lab until 3
Tuesday: same as mon
Wednesday: 10-12pm for tutorials
Thursday: project 9-5
Friday: same as thurs

Mon and Tue seems to be the most free one but when u finish class at 3, u feel like you have nowhere to go since my friends all have sch till 5.
Whenever friday comes, where all the birthday parties are usually held, i have this stupid project until late. Most of the time, i have to go straight for my friend's party since it will be dark after that. This is so fck up. ahya maybe i should stop whining for awhile and work hard for exams lol. At least a small target to aim for!

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