Saturday, January 20, 2007

Technofair Day 2

Today marks the final day taking care of my project. After the technofair, everyone has to hand in their project to the school. Instead of wearing black pants, i wore jeans because it seems like no people even care about your dressing. Everyone must have slackened abit since day 1 was like so relax. Most of my friends came after 11am(attendance time).

Although the SOE senior director came to our room today, he didn't ask much about our project. Instead, he shakes each of our hands and asked whether we enjoyed the project. ROFL. Its the first time my supervisor treated us that friendly.. although our project didn't work, he didn't care and asked for a photoshoot haha. Took somemore pictures with my other friends since im bored =/
Everyone was like carrying a hidden smile when one of the lecturers came into the room and asked us to pack up at 530. I skipped the buffet at 6 because i ate too much during lunch -_-

Some pics:

Group pics

My project group + supervisor!

Taken with Shawn!

I can get through poly life without getting bullied is because of her!

Taken with Benny aka Lau Tak Wah!

Yongsheng and Wengyou - after smoking!

Chai Wee, William, Kelvin, Wilkin.

Finally my FYP is over!!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Ransacked my whole cardboard looking for a white shirt to wear for technofair. I have a white one but some light blue strips around. Not sure whether they allowed, i went to the nearby shop to get a white shirt-_- . Technofair is actually an event during the school's Open House when u display your FYP. The school informed us to wear black shoes and pants + a white shirt.

I met qianping on the way to sch and decided to go backgates for a smoke since its early. Because i didn't set up my components in the second floor, i have to go back to class to get ready. Everyone was wearing pants/skirt and white shirt. The whole room were filled with waiter and waitresses. I was abit -_- when i saw people wearing shirt with patterns on their shirt. They dun seem to care much about your appearance. The whole event also boring- not much visitors into the room. They just asked abit of qns about the project before they went off to another booth. I was wondering how many secondary school students dare to step into a room with so many people wearing white shirt and black pants.

Anyway i was bored and i took some picture.

Because my mum didn't do any cooking, i called bert and others to meet them at canteen 2 so as to have someone to acc me for dinner outside. We went to 921 for dinner before heading home!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Medical Check up!

Initially i wanted to stay over at kw house so that we could have an easier time waking each other up if necessary, but im not sure whether those CMPB people allow us to wear slippers. So to make sure that i won't have to make another trip to CMPB, i think i have to catch the last train home.

Before that we actually went to lower seletar to slack instead of the usual 921. Sitting in Yc's A6 was like ermm.. honoured?? im the first few who actually sat in his car? 2.0 with the T was enough for my heart to jump liao when he demostrated a fast speed straightroad drive on the way there. Hai richkid sia, wonder when would i have the chance to be a driver of those cars. Anyway i have asked kw to come down 921 to collect his medical checkup questionaire. But since he just woke up, he wanted us to go ahead first. The place was quiet because its a Monday?

All of us decided to end the slacking day when kw just reached. I thot i was feeling guilty since i was the one who asked him to come. I followed him home. His mom sounds happy. I think it has been around 1 year since i visited his home. His mum kept reminding his son on what to bring for the next day when i heard something like

"Remember to wear shoes instead of slippers!"

I was thinking ermmm maybe i should rush home since its 12am only. I said bye to his mum and left.

We had 921 ba chor mee for breakfast before cabbing to CMPB. We were the earliest liao i think. We still have to wait for the photographer to get ready his camera before we could start off with the first station. I was wondering whether my sideburn can curl to the back since its neither long nor short. Luckily they nv kp about my hair. I thot i didnt have to go back CMPB since i passed this stage but things are yet to come.

We came to a station where testing of the ear takes place. We have to raise our hands according to where the sound goes. If its on the right den lift your right hand, same for the left. I was listening very carefully but still i can't hear any shit. It make sounds like a bee hiding in ur ear. The guy took very long to "examine" me and wrote a letter trying to pull me back to CMPB two weeks later. Sibei sianzzzZZz. The place is so farking far and i have to go back there again for 1 TEST. The last station was the station where u do freaking alot of question. Really stupid question like "John has two apples, jane gave another 3 apples to him. How many apples for John?" abit waste time man. Since i dun have much mood already, some of the qns i just hantam only. The overall checkup was quite fast leh, not like some people who exaggerated.

Anyway, thanks to the bloody zbl audio guy, i got a pes D and i have to go back on the 29th again.

Monday, January 15, 2007


Im sorry. I know u had put in 100 or even 101% in this relationship but things are just not turning out well. Im the one causing it, not you. Thanks for all the care u had given me, really. I dun wan this to be filled with hatred.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

happy birthday yj!

Met Qb and tm with their gfs, admond and nick at the 969 stop getting ready to board the bus towards the bbq near the birthday boy's house. When 969 came, tm suddenly realised his card holder is missing. He lost his IC and other stuff!

Anyway my right leg was soaked in mud when we reached there, thanks to Nicholas and the weather. He brought us through a short cut to a shelter under the HDB, the path were muddy -_-. The bbq were held there. The place was already filled with people when we arrived. I saw some of my ex classmates and some other new faces. Memories of secondary school came back to me seriously. Luckily, Yj didn't invite someone i dun wan to face.

I was damn hungry la. I didn't had any food since i woke up in the morning except a cup of coffee. I went around searching for food and realised one of the best is the bee hoon already. YJ told me his mom cook that omg, maybe better than my mom's hehe.
It was more like a gathering for those groups who knew each other. After everyone filled their stomach, we proceed to the "cut cake" routine. Everyone stood up and sang birthday song for the boy. YJ attempted to pull the candle out from the cake when one of his family members pushed his head down. His whole face tio and he ran around trying to dirty someone. Yc was damn suay but he passed his suayness to me and wipe his little bits of cake on my ear-_-.

I was already near to having hiccups(my body does that when im damn full) when YJ offered the cake to me. Quite nice so i didn't resist hehe. They said i became more and more skinny but i think it was my shirt that projected me getting smaller. The size is "just nice" fitted on my body that's y. Oh ya the cops came once before we had the cake - complains must have been made.

Anyway after all those eatings, we chatted till about 1am before we went off. I felt that the night were still young for a friday morning but they wanted to go leh. I headed home after that. Happy 21st birthday to YunJie.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

3rd month

Celebrate the 3rd month with my darling at swensen in Jurong point. Because the place is on the second floor, the whole place looked more "class" than those in other places. Shes such a cam whore ! =/

She wanted to take a picture before we eat

The food was served, still cannot eat -_-

David Tao hehehe

We parted ways after that because im juz so tired after that. I had a sleepless night before. Bth!!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Sleeping more than 10 hrs a day definitely made me more tired. The unpredictable weather has a part to play too. The side of my eyes gets itchy when i entered the bathroom every morning. Now im so free like a bird now. Feels like two clips on my eyes have been removed lol.
When ur getting 21, u tends to worry about your future. Guys are of coz more worried than girls for obvious reason. We have to spend another 2 years in army to serve the country. Seriously, im really eager to go army. Partly because im behind my batch of student by a year. Im glad the review for my project is over. Things are looking great for now~~ DCST is my only obstacle for now !

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hardwork =/= Success

How many times have you tried to achieve something by putting in a huge amount of effort only to be disappointed with the results and regretted? Many a times, there are situations where success could not really be achieved when u put in more effort than anyone else. Yes, you have to work hard to get something, but sometimes many other factors are involved in the process of getting your desired dreams.

For example, a relationship. I dun have a degree in BGR, this is purely my OWN opinion.
You tried to be with her everyday and abandon ur friends so that she won't feel lonely. You tried to celebrate the day of every month(i mean EVERY) where you two started. You spent 1 month making cakes, cookies and any other meaningful stuff for her during annual anniversaries 1 week before your exams. Every time she said she's bored, you dun hesitate to head straight down for a cab to look for her even if she lives in Clementi and you, in Tampines. You fell out with your parents when they reprimanded you, asking you not to chat so long on the phone. You tried to change everything about yourself and gave way to her whenever both of you quarrel, even though she's at fault.
One day, she started thinking about her future, she wants someone who could provide for her. She feels that you dun have high qualifications. She wanted freedom. She wanted a new experience. She felt sian of the relationship already. She met some new friends and wanted to spend time with them as she felt more relax with them. Look, these are all very good reasons. She has her right to look for a better future, a better life or watever. She wanted a breakup.
In these situations, we had given our best in this relationship, we worked hard to make the other party love us. However, things dun always turn out to be like those in fairy tales, other factors comes along. The most important thing is to learn from these situation and be stronger! Once you have tried your best, that's it. Learn from the mistakes and accepts the reality.

It takes two hands to clap, ALWAYS.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

First day of last term in NP

Wow my first day was like so damn tired, i slept less than 3 hrs the whole night. During the holidays, im getting used to sleeping at 6 in the morning and waking up at night already. Anyway everyone has a glum look when i stepped into the class. They told me they failed the common test. YES! i was expecting it(the paper). But i failed -_- i got 42/100 =(
I have a friend who is in serious trouble and i wish him luck for the coming days. He has to appeal for a retest so that the retest paper would not be capped at 50, and appeals for a debarment. Appealing for a debarment is kinda troublesome because u have to ask ur parents down and arrange a date with the ECE office so that they could review you. Good luck !

My eyes has been red for around 1 week already. i guess i have no choice but to see white angels tml =Z.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Last day of holiday!

Woke up by darling in the morning. I promised her to go escape with friends but when she saw that i had watery eyes and repeated yawnings, she wanted me to go back slp. So understand siolll~ =D Anyway i slept awhile alr and here i am.
Ok share some videos with you all. Some of you must have known that Saddam Hussein was hanged before New year. Here are some of the video from Google.

Saddam's verdict:

Live hanging:

Finally he got the punishment he deserved.

Anyway during the final day of 2006 and countdown for the New Year we did something smart by having a bbq at seletar. Instead of hanging in town getting pushed, or touched, or sprayed, or molested whatever.
We bought some entertaining stuff to pop but i damn suay heven 12am i used it already. While the other families did something interesting too, okok i uploaded into youtube. Heres the video lol

stupid newcastle

OMG man u drew with newcastle away from home -_- stupid rooney missed so many chances. feizai cannot run =((