Monday, May 08, 2006

Gary Cao ge

OOO went to Cine to see Cao ge's Autograph session. Thot its free but the fan club ppl say must have the album to go in the K union to hear him sing live. Since we have already reached the place, just pay and go in lor -_-. The 8th floor of Cine was damn packed, couldn't get a place to stand after coming out from the lift. We went quite earlier so we got the queue number near the front row damn heng. Some ppl was damn tulan as they couldn't even get a queue no lol. They were swearing at the kbox ppl. I took around three to four videos of cao ge singing before i realised that no video is allowed at the room, gonna upload it at youtube hehe. One thing i have to say is that he's a very powerful singer. Even better than jay, but not david tao =/ Gary sang around 5 songs before the autograph session begins. The girls there are crazy =/ They screamed like they heven talk for 10 yrs.
Anyway after the session, we went back to khatib for street soccer. We played against malays and indians and other ppl like other normal day. Today is abit special. After those ppl left home, we played the ball on our own. Guess what? i kicked the ball with too much force and the ball flew over the fence and hit one of the car on the road. The car stopped and a lady walked out of the car. I went over and said sorry. The lady checked the condition of her car and called her husband. Her husband asked me to leave my contact no. i agreed with them since i was the one who hit the car with the ball. I thot it was okay but den later jason interrupted and shout rudely at the lady. Ask me not to give her my contact. The lady was angry not becoz of the ball hitting the car, but becoz of jason and by talking aggresively to her. She requested to report to police since we could not agree each other. Sianz, to me it's a bit waste of time becoz i have to take my statement all that. In the end, the police also want us to settle it in a peaceful manner. So actually its a minor incident. Nothing much... suay DAY

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