Saturday, October 15, 2005

Smoke FREE!!!! 1 week milestone

Yes it's Friday! i remember the last puff i took was at kw`s house, and i have been smoke-free ever since! I felt different every morning without yearning for a cig. Thanks to all my friends, who keep me continuously inspired, by saying im putting up an act, hehee.
Im aiming for the 1 month milestone! =)

Friday, October 07, 2005

What is life?

Yes! here comes my long long awaited post. After so many things has happened, im going to share my opinion about life.

One day i was surfing around some forum and i came upon this thread- "What is most important to you? Family? Love? Health? Money? Place them in order with the most impt one first"
I saw one guy's reply " Health will always be first, because without health, the rest will be useless"
Yes i find it logical but many still neglect their health completely. Many dedicate their time and energy to fun or work or whatever instead of their body. They drink, smoke and some even take drugs and do stupid things when they were unconcious. Is it worth it? The consequences can be fatal if you are not careful. So my friends, please take very very very good care of your health =)

So, do you believe your life lies in the hands of God or you CAN control your life? I have a friend who gives up smoking and drugs completely for the sake of her health and her baby(she's married) . I have another friend who was pregnant but still neglect her body, smoking profusely and finding ways to get money for her abortion. So, can you control your life? Yes you can if you want. Nobody can decide for you. Your family, friends or any other people that are close to you cannot take charge or decide matters for your life. People who are having a tough time now, don't ever give up. Toughten your faith. Be strong and move on. Change for the better. Not for your family or friends, but YOURSELF.

Paiseh no details about my daily life yet. This is the conclusion la eheh... Bear with it first, i try to update more often liao.