Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Hi, have been a long time since i blogged. Have been playing soccer alot lately with my friends.
Hmm... Lets talk about the first match we played having our jersey on. We already agreed with ah tong (the guy who made our jersey) to have a friendly match against people from Sarawak. They are actually workers in Singapore. When we arrived, three teams are already present. Ah tong had already promised us that he will be refereeing two matches between the four teams. When we first made our jersey, Ah tong told us to get a red socks for our jersey. But i really dun like the colour combination so i wanted a white one. I thot that we won't be so suay la, raining on the first match. Mud stain all over our jersey? Guess wat, it was drizzling even before we started the match ROFL. Dun feel like talking about the matches la, sure bored u all. We lost all three matches =( Knn more and more teams gathered near the field when we were playing the last match. Dunnoe how this ah tong organise matches one. Trying to cheat teams for their money. Luckily we didn't pay a single cent to him. We later proceed to 700+ to train lor. It was fun overall. I took cab with zachary home after that.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Have been playing soccer quite alot lately and reached home late. So tired that i fall asleep, no time to update my blog =/ One day when i was taking train home, i sat opposite a 30+ yr old woman. Her mum was seated beside her. She came over and ask me if i mind having the seat elsewhere becoz her mum would be frightened if there's any strangers near her. The way she treats her mum really touches me.
Would you take care of your parents when they are older? Many of us said they would because they thot is the right thing. But when you're older, there will be work and families to ties u down. Better cherish them before they are gone.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Exam finish!

Yes! finally finished my exams on friday. Damn it, I spend only 4 hrs slping per day during the exam weak. Finally when i thot im going to have a good rest, Irene's bd chalet is coming up! I was on cab with Zachary back home when we discussed about our soccer team. It will be lot of soccer matches during this holiday hehee. Going to find work soon, or else no money. Ok will be updating often.