Sunday, February 26, 2006

soccer fightfest

Woke up late for soccer on a sleepy saturday morning. The match was scheduled on 10am but i woke up at 9.30. Took a cab down to khatib and saw rw and bert walking towards the field. -_- Today's match was abit special because we dun have stronger players from yisheng and other tp players. Henree, zach, wb and nick was playing for the first time for us. We went down early in the match. Ok, now here comes the most interesting part. During the second half, one of their players touches the ball with his hand and yc shouted for a foul. Instead of talking properly, the small size defender kan yc's parents. Most of our team members went to attack him. Everyone was like fucking hot temper. Ruisong started the punches on the guy and the guy wanted to call water sia lol. He landed a total of three punches towards the guy, wahah. Henry was like chionging towards any of their players. Opponent keep saying " lai la lai la" but still moving backwards. I think they were afraid of Henry because of his size. Soon kw called the police. The match stopped and we proceeded to kopitiam for our lunch.

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