Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Life's a bullshit to her, not me

At times, the smartest person tends to become too naive for their own good. I am a smart person, at the very least, I have the confidence to believe in myself that I am not exactly dumb. Not exactly dumb to believe that beautiful things remain as they are, not exactly dumb to believe that beautiful people remain as they are. I told myself not to feel remorseful over anything, coz I've tried my best to salvage the situation. I've learnt that silence is really a virtue as it makes the situation a whole lot better than arguing(which i really HATE). I've learnt that when it's time to let go, forcing doesn't do any good. I've learnt that the ending of a r/s that had already turned ugly, actually marks the beginning of a better phase in my life because I have emerged a stronger person.

People never reveal their true feelings, because they are afraid that whatever decisions they make will cause more hurt to the other party. I am disgusted by these untruthful beliefs and promises made to myself, as I know deep down within me that they are never going to come true. Yes i admit I tried to hypnotised myself, tried to make myself believe that she still feels for me. However, just like all her vows to me, everything failed. I will not wallow in self-pity anymore. She wanted me to let go and I did gracefully. If I can be so nice & considerate to someone else, why not to my ownself? I deserve a whole lot better treatment.She surrendered herself to elusive desire and now, my path of forgiveness showcased in bitter truth after I departed.

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