Thursday, August 31, 2006


If you are wondering how a team without strats will fare when they play in a compy, try to look out for my team's result in the WGT =/ Playing on thursday at Funan IT mall. We have no time to train for our teamwork lor. Playing like a retard. Letting ppl shoot like a free bird. Last min, schizo told us he can't play for our team becoz he have to work till 3rd of sept. He added that he can't train till then. -_- In the end, we have to look for sherwin for replacement. farked UP!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


We dun have any holiday after the exam and guess wat!?!? we got VPP a Very Painful Program. Seriously sucks lor. I got no mood to go for the first day of VPP. Worst still, im down with flu and headaches. So together with my grpmates, we have decided not to attend the first day hahaa. Okay this VPP consists of many other stuff other than doing projects. Frankly speaking, if we ONLY have to do projects, i would be glad to attend. But there are other stuffs like Secondary sch P.E, factories visit and seminar talks. Wahlan eh damn sianz seriously. And last but not least, this program lasts for 5 weeks. Poor thing rite? Okay im going school now!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

A free bird? for time being only

Woohoo finally the last paper rfme ended, HOPE i can pass this time round. I dun wan to stay in np for another 6 months lor. At least now can relax awhile. Awhile is only until Monday =( VPP is the term for my vacation project. I have to go back on Monday to do project 8-5 for 5 weeks wtf. So bored. Dun care. Going to skip if i have any lan events to attend. Anyway after the last paper, QP organised an outing to bugis for steamboat. It was quite cheap la, 15 bucks/head, except that every food has to be boiled -_- After that bth i go home and slp. Heven slp for the whole nite because of the exam. Nowadays life has been not bad for me. Slacking and have fun nia- Dun wanna think of other things. Best is to avoid relationship which might cause alot of problems later on for me. Ok la dun wan to go into details.

Anyway check out tis
mouse omg damn chio. Going to get it someday!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Wah damn stress, taking a break now. Lets pray the paper is easy for us to pass. There are like countless things to study. Everytime i take the book out, there's this new thing tat i heven come across. I keep forgetting the things tt i memorised yesterday. So fucked up lo =/ Hope things will turn out well.
Looking forward for CPL. hehe Although we sure tio thrash, but nvm, juz trying to have fun before i go NS. Anyway good luck to all my poly friends having exams!

Friday, August 18, 2006


hoho has been a long time since i blogged. My laptop has some problems. I can't connect to the internet at all. Nvm now the problem is gone, so were all the files i had in my lappy. -_-
After the PD1 reviews, more challenging things are coming up. My exams is coming too. Davt and Rfme on the 22nd and 24th respectively. Many ppl thinks that i got only two paper sure relax la, but i think im going to flunk my rfme lor. Nvm i will try my best =/

CPL Singapore is coming too, on the 15th-17th of Sept. Gonna form my team and train hard for this compy.

Friday, August 04, 2006

A fortunate day

Phew ! wat a day. Today was our final preview day. This preview would be 3 supervisors from other department sitting in front of our powerpoint and we have to present the whole project to them. I reached school punctually at 8 in the morning to do testing. I was nervous lor. My mind was thinking " wat if this components dun work or my signal won't turn up". Nvm at around 9.30am. Kel asked our supervisor wat time was our preview. he said "thursday morning 10am" WTF. Where got time to get ready. Luckily he helped kel with the testing of the components while me and Fazus prepare the powerpoint slide. At around 10.30am, the 3 supervisors came.

I started presenting the powerpoint and i kept STAMMERing. Luckily, kelvin and Fazus interrupted to help me continue the slide. We got around 9 ppt slides only. At the second last page of the slide, the lecturer brought up a qns about the components and when he said continue, its "the end" page. Omg so short. Nvm. Mr Gwee, one of the nice lecturer previewing us, asked us to continue by showing the testing of the components. Fortunately, all of us did it successfully. After that, i was expecting them to ask for the software showcase, but seriously we dun have any. But they said "good, continue with the good work" and pulled back their chair to stand up =P.

We were damn lucky to get these "kind" lecturers to preview us. We were the group among the cluster who had the worst attendance and the slowest progress among them. Yet the lecturers actually praised us when we did the testing of the components successfully. I can't believe how fortunate we are. Chinese saying "The bridgehead would be straight once the boat reached". Quite true huh lol. We were damn relief and happy after the preview. The lunch after that was delicious trust me!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fun or boring life?

Have you ever reached home from school or work and sit down in ur comfort sofa thinking, what are you doin in life. Wake up early for school... study till late afternoon... den come home and do countless assignment. In some point of your life, you feel desperate. Opps i meant desperate from another perspective, a good one. You feel desperate and wants to have some clean fun or challenge. Maybe its a joy for some people to simply take out the textbook and read or revise, a joy for them to simply work their life through till they are old. You couldn't do what you want like some other people. Nowadays society do not allow us prove ourselve. We have to give up things we like or we could excel, for studies. Parents paid so much for our education that we feel bad to fail modules. You turn on your television everyday and saw your favourite artist doing the things they like, footballers earning so much money in a soccer match, or in any other case. Of cause they have to work hard to get to where they are. But when the passion for their job is there, its no wonder they can act/play so well. We have no other choice actually. Singapore is a small country. In order for her to survive, the people have to work. So tt's what we do, mugging away with our books and try to get a gd result. Failing to do that only gets some lecturing from teachers or parents. Spend some time thinking.