Sunday, February 26, 2006

soccer fightfest

Woke up late for soccer on a sleepy saturday morning. The match was scheduled on 10am but i woke up at 9.30. Took a cab down to khatib and saw rw and bert walking towards the field. -_- Today's match was abit special because we dun have stronger players from yisheng and other tp players. Henree, zach, wb and nick was playing for the first time for us. We went down early in the match. Ok, now here comes the most interesting part. During the second half, one of their players touches the ball with his hand and yc shouted for a foul. Instead of talking properly, the small size defender kan yc's parents. Most of our team members went to attack him. Everyone was like fucking hot temper. Ruisong started the punches on the guy and the guy wanted to call water sia lol. He landed a total of three punches towards the guy, wahah. Henry was like chionging towards any of their players. Opponent keep saying " lai la lai la" but still moving backwards. I think they were afraid of Henry because of his size. Soon kw called the police. The match stopped and we proceeded to kopitiam for our lunch.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Erm someone posted this blog address in the main channel. It is very INTERESTING.
Gays acceptable in ur opinion? check this out. / / . Maybe gays can last longer than normal couples because they understand each other ? PS : im str8 heheheh

Monday, February 20, 2006

A busy life

Have been busy nowdays not becoz of studies, but because of fun with friends. Saturday was a day many of us have been waiting for =) We have a soccer match against a team we lost to by 2 goals deficit in the past. Reach the pitch at around 10.15am. Everyone was late again including me =/ I have a chance to try on my new boots which i bought 1 week ago. It was a red and silver predator =)~~ The match ended 4-3 to us. We finally won ehehehe. Anyway most of kena sunburnt. It was suntanned all the way from start of the match to the end. Most of them went to eat after that. We slack awhile and i went home to sleep. I woke up around 8+ and watches Man u match against liverpool. Sad sia.. they lost 1-0 to liverfools. It have been slacking all the way after that. Damn boring. Even saturday so boring liao, wat about Sunday?

At Sunday around 4+, i met up with them at 921. Expected to be a "sianz" sunday. Wb suggested playing soccer but my leg still got old injuries sia.. Nvm la since they so enthu, den play lor. After a round of soccer, the loser team have to do the forfeit lol! Luckily my team consists of stronger players. Funny to see ruisong running. He smoke a cig while running, wtf.
After the match, Wb insisted on playing again. In my mind i was like "WTF SIANZ SIA" but nvm we finish the match went to the nearest kopitiam to have our dinner. After our dinner, we went to the study corner nearby. Juz went i thot we would end the day like this, we found a ball at the basketball court beside the study area. Damn, we were divided into teams again. Playing the full court becoz there were 12 players lol. Running here and there again. One of us said that today is sport's day lol. When by saw a police car, he ran all the way towards the coffeeshop again like a dog lol! the rest of us followed. Bth. When we sat at the void deck, The police car turned in! bo pian. Cannot run liao. Luckily the policemen are humourous. They joke with us. Anyway, none of us wore like pai kia, so, they should have known we are just playful. After the taking down of our details, they went off and i went home soon after. Wonderful Sunday =)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A New Life, A New Phase

Sorry, have been busy hanging out with my friends to update this blog =/ Ok first, happy birthday to our sorzai aka Valerie leong. Thanks for the bbq - made me win money =D Ok a new phase of my life begins. I dun believe in bearing grudges and burning bridges towards our ex gf or bf. Let's move on. Hmm... exams is coming in three weeks time, hope i could make use of the time and pass all my modules =/. The next most anticipated "event" will be NS. Some of my friends would have to go in first, i wish them all the best! I will be joining them next year, after i finish my poly.

Ok Saturday was valerie's bbq birthday celebration. I met jason, irene, henry, willie, lincoln in the afternoon for town becoz some of them have not got any gifts for valerie. We met yc and kelvin in town at the starbucks near the california gym. After slacking awhile there, we went to shop around heeren and cine for gifts and bio char bor =/

Since we will be late for valerie's bbq, we came up of an idea to act as though we are not going for val's bbq anymore. That stupid sorzai even threatened me on the phone, order me to go for her bbq. LOL. When all of us reach the place, she was surprised but of cause happy. I think our groups consist of the best (or hardcore) gamblers in singapore becoz we could gamble no matter where we are. We put a matt on the pavement and started gambling. Knowing that i do not have luck, i put money in ruisze's place. lol he damn lucky, help me win money. Ok, we ton till about 6 and everyone went home by cab except me and willie.

Sunday was tiring since we did not have enuff sleep. We have decided to play streets soccer. I woke up at about 5+ and have to rush to khatib for soccer. But when i reached there, only bert was sitting at the hut under the HDB (as usual -_-) He seems very excited saying chio bu went up the block with a guy but she actually duno the guy. Seems to be FL, or freelance fyi. After about 20 mins, yc, kel, rw and rs came with xb drving. We started the game first before woodlands kias like nick, yj, qb and TM arrived. We played from 7 to around 11 before we proceed to the 848 coffeeshop for drinks. Damn thirsty and hungry. Ate the yong tau fu there, damn power. We tcss till i took the last train home. Reach home feeling moody, duno why. But when i think of rw, i feel sad for him LOL. His ex gf walk past the coffeeshop holding a guy's hand. Hai, i have worst experience. Anyway, i watched the dvd they lent me and slept at around 5 in the morning.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Happy bd mery!

Really sianz of school already.. Wanted to go sch in the afternoon but heard that many of them not going, so no mood already. Called rw up and met them in 925 for lunch. Soon, ruisze and rs arrived. After the gathering, WB fetched irene home before he went for his presentation in school. The rest of us went to rw house for mahjong. Watched SPL at his home. Its a fighting movie and overall it's not that bad, except that it's quite short. After around 6-7pm decided to go for Mery's birthday instead of Shina's wedding. Sorry carmen but i really dun feel like going yet u keep forcing me to. I rather go for the occasion where i know the person well.

We were getting late yet we have to wait for the dua pai rw to get ready. So, me rw ruisong ruisze wb by bert went to Great World City together. Fortunately, Mery heven booked the table yet and by could join us at crystal jade restaurant. Wb and ruisong would have to eat alone as they didn't know mery well. It was me bert ruisze by mery klara and bf, a girl and other two guys( didn't know the name well). We wanted to have rice over there but since birthday girl wans to have noodle, all of us choose individual set of noodles.As usual, QinChai(klara's bf) made the most noise again. haha he's the most kp and talkative one sia. But overall, he is a good guy la. The food was heavenly! Was that the word ruisong uses? lol Damn nice! Especially the xiao long bao, with the chup inside OMGOMG. Thanks Mery. After eating, we decided to proceed to mery's house to play cards ! Wb offered to give a ride to her house. Unbelievable, i lost again in the beginning, have to be banker to win back all my money =( Took a cab home with my winnings at around 12.30am after wb drove me to khatib.

Monday, February 06, 2006


Fucking dulan!!! Why can't we end the day with a happy mood? Did i rush u in the morning ? The only difference was i wore my clothes without bathing? and waking u up (not even earlier)? Did i rush u and say "quick quick quick!!" Even if you got rashes, do you have the right to vent ur anger on others? Stop being ridiculous alright!? i didn't cause it! arrrgggggggg...

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Omg wanted to go town but kena dua again by ppl. Nvm, went 921 with kelvin kw xueli and rw to slack. Decided to proceed to kw house to gamble again. I started by losing ten bucks and couldn't recover since. Oh shit maybe it's time to STOP GAMBLING!

Saturday, February 04, 2006


omg boring friday. Tired of school nowadays. Didn't attend school and slept till 12 in the afternoon. Heard from one of my friends that there are actually two debarment date -_-Was thinking, why the hell do the lecturers wan to see so many parents duhz. Maybe joining philbert in the army soon. Slack at home till about 9.. before setting off for edric's house to gamble again muahaha.
Reached his home and thought that everyone was already present. But wtf, all of them are actually "reaching" soon. LOL although it's a dog's year but i hate edric's dogs. He has one very noisy one last time but he got two now -_- Damn noisy unless u stay for around 15 mins already, den they will keep quiet. Alright, have to admit i lost around 20 bucks there. Well, when u win some, u will lose some right? the sor zai actually luffed at me. -_- Stupid dog =/ Was gambling halfway when my mum called to chase me home =( Maybe i will lose more if i dun go -_-

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


wah lao i can't believe my luck for this year. Ive won over 150 bucks in 4 days. Xie Men AR!!!!! I bet wat also win lor.. not boasting but the fact. soccer, blackjack and other cards game bth =/
People said that when u win something u will lose something. Is it true? =/ Maybe becoz im a free thinker, to me, i feel that it's juz pure luck la.. when i wan to win something, i work hard for it. I lost something becoz i dun even care about it. My life is controlled by me =). What about you?

Went to youchao's house as usual. Its the same every year. Except that this yr was more fun. After eating and all the gambling, everyone was sianz of the cards ( i lost all my $$, leaving 2 bucks in my wallet). YC took out his ball and we took over the roads for a soccer game. LOL wtf. The stake of the match was 10 bucks for the winning team. Everyone were very serious and enthu. Working hard to get the ball when.. guess wat? A police car drove pass lol!! The ball was left behind a car (not visible to the police) when they came. Those with ICs would have to surrender them and the rest sat on the pavement beside the road. When the policemen questioned what were we doing on the road, someone told them that we were playing catching lmao. i could see that one of the two policemen wanted us to get the IC from the house but another gave him a nevermind-lah look. Maybe becoz it's cny ba. Our energy all wasted sia, spend so much chasing after the ball and in the end no results lol. After that some of us were seated outside, while the rest were watching tv.
Soon, some of them gtg. So, leaving a few of us, we decided to go up to the third floor for cards game again. Using a two dollar notes, i won back about 30 plus lmao. damnit i dunnoe how i did that. As usual, willie and ruisong lost the most. We played till about 6plus before we went home and slp. All of us drop dead after we bathed.

The day after, we met up for a movie, Fearless. Greatly anticipated becoz wb and others who watched has said that it's a nice movie. Overall, quite a good movie. Please watch it =) We went to henree's house and gamble. We were smoking at the void deck of henry's house when his sister-in-law and brother saw us. After a moment later, henry received a phonecall from his mum nagging about him smoking . Damn suay. When we enter henry's house, his father said aloud ," wah zai hor? smoking ar?" wah lao damn paiseh, anyway how old are we ? it's non of his business =[ Okay, we took the cards game to Henry's room. Lost alot again in the beginning. Leaving me only 3 bucks. After that we changed game. We played the five cards game( dunnoe wat issit called) and i actually won back. After i won about 20+ i caught hold of Ace of Spade twice in a row. The other Aces are actually 1 points but spade Ace is a triple win. I took home another 17 two dollars notes lol!! heng heng. After that we bid good bye and slack at the coffeeshop near his house before we went home. Boring, sch is starting and we went home early.