Thursday, November 30, 2006


Well went for a two-hour tutorial in the morning and came home for nap. Guilty is the word i felt would best describe me for today. Everyone was rushing their final project report and what i can do is wait for thurs and fri for my grp members to tell me about their contribution. QP and Huishan told me that they actually ton yesterday somewhere to complete their PD2 report. I felt it was a great idea if Friday is my teacher's assessment. The weight is really coming on me for this final preview. Unlike other groups on the 6th floor, by now everyone should know how KUKU my supervisor is. He could asked me to wait for his return and den disappear until 5pm. Great job! Well others could get help writing programs for their microcontroller, we could only wait till our supervisor TO BE FREE.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Interesting weekend

I didn't update my blog this weekend was because i took hm my laptop except the adaptor LOL! I left it in my project room as i rushed home on friday to attend bert's birthday dinner haha. Ok the dinner started quite late as those bodybuilders came late. They claimed that a trainer talked to them about his story -_- Overall the dinner was nice and full. Anyway how bad can a 300 bucks dinner be right? The birthday routine took over and we sang birthday songs and cut the cake for everyone. Phototaking session followed. Wanted to post some pictures but since many of them had already done so. I shall skip this. Please refer to valerie's blogspot for the pictures =D
Philbert den head to town to meet his gf.Anyway the big groups was deciding where to go when the quarrels and fight occured. I think i shall not mention names scully tio flamed. I have to say not to listen to one side of the stories only before making any conclusion!
After the misunderstanding, we headed to town for some fun. Some of us went to kbox and the rest went shopping. Darling joined us at town and we sang till 6 in the morning. Everything was quite smooth la=D

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

need to gain some weight

Woke up at 11.45am! luckily darling gave me a morning call at the most crucial time. Need to get to school at 1pm for my lab. Normally i took around 45 mins to reach sch if i takes bus to school but these few days are damn suay sia. The bus coming are either 950,966,856 -_- Ok finally 187 came and i met her for school together. Luckily wilkin doesn't need my laptop for his lab test anymore. He told me he had already sent his lappy for service. heng man or else he will be late for his lab test too.
Anyway lab is boring as usual. But my diet is different today man. i ate yogurt and butter rice( chicken with rice and fries) + morning bread =DD need to eat more and gain some weight man. Yj msg me and asked me to go gym tml. Just the right time =) I dun wan to be called a guniang because im too skinny lo! Things will be different after 1 month i promise hee.
After lunch i went to my project class with kel. Audrey mentioned that we need to do a poster for our technofair. -_-Suddenly felt a heavy rock on my shoulder. So many things to complete within these two weeks - Posters, project, report etc. Hopefully i could still pass year 3 without completing the project man =DD

Monday, November 20, 2006

sorry my gaming friends

Sorry guys maybe it's good time for me to stop my competitive gaming stuff. My projects deadline is coming. Its three weeks from now to the panel. Hope i can really touch up and finish the STUPID PROJECT. Anyway im really sorry to sherwin and other my other teammates. Cs made me restless and no life. I realised this is not the life for me. I prefer to spend time with my family, friends and gf. It would be more fun to even talk cock with you all face to face other than spending time online conversation. I rather spend time finding work, its more practical. I don't wan to lose sleep playing game until wee hours and go to school str8away. Anyway i really have fun playing all the gd teams in lan =DD Until now i hope a new phase of life begans for me. . . ..

Thursday, November 16, 2006

CS is getting boring

Feel like stopping this game for awhile. Its getting boring since henry and going army and kw is going concentrate on his server thing. Its hard to keep playing on this streaky game.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Just when i thot i could catch up with my project and life would be more stable, i receive this f**King email from my supervisor, indicating i would have a second review of my project this Friday. FUCK HIM LA. Im the only one in the group that got the letter lor -_- Anyway what did he do to help us man? He only attends to BME students whenever they need help. You think we could do everything by giving us a theme and SOME stupid programming chips? dream on la. Okay i know i did not do much durin the vpp but i dun deserve that lor. When i ask him about on that day he still declared we dun have second review pui! ANYWAY IM GOING TO SHOW U WHAT IM CAPABLE OF Okay!? u bloody ahgua BITCH !

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A decent Monday

Woke up at around 11.20 but slept back until 12 before i head to school. Boring Lab- When i reach class i was abit surprise kel actually came earlier than me =/ Anyway i was told that the lab test was next Monday-_- I went to cut my hair after school. Stupid hairstylist done the job. Because the boss who usually cuts for me wasn't there. Met my girl after that and spent the evening with her. Its nice hugging her to sleep =D

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Finally the vpp review is over. Our supervisor told us that we got a borderline pass. Alright, quite decent for a team like us - always lazy =D. Nothing really happens during the review. Three supervisor sitting on the chair as usual, listening to our presentation of our project. The real funny thing was that after we had presented our little-output vpp report, the teacher did not have much reaction. They just said okay and went to the other group. Maybe the teacher had given up on us already? hmm..
Alright so this is my last sem already, im gonna make use of the rest of my time for the project. No more time to joke around. It would be a waste to spend another 6 months in school JUST doing the project alone.
Went out with my darling and friends to catch a movie called Grudge 2 after my nap at home. Tired like hell =/. Quite scary. Alot of faces and screams like any other japanese horror show. Nothing much on a Friday night.