Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fun or boring life?

Have you ever reached home from school or work and sit down in ur comfort sofa thinking, what are you doin in life. Wake up early for school... study till late afternoon... den come home and do countless assignment. In some point of your life, you feel desperate. Opps i meant desperate from another perspective, a good one. You feel desperate and wants to have some clean fun or challenge. Maybe its a joy for some people to simply take out the textbook and read or revise, a joy for them to simply work their life through till they are old. You couldn't do what you want like some other people. Nowadays society do not allow us prove ourselve. We have to give up things we like or we could excel, for studies. Parents paid so much for our education that we feel bad to fail modules. You turn on your television everyday and saw your favourite artist doing the things they like, footballers earning so much money in a soccer match, or in any other case. Of cause they have to work hard to get to where they are. But when the passion for their job is there, its no wonder they can act/play so well. We have no other choice actually. Singapore is a small country. In order for her to survive, the people have to work. So tt's what we do, mugging away with our books and try to get a gd result. Failing to do that only gets some lecturing from teachers or parents. Spend some time thinking.

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