Wednesday, September 27, 2006

nothing better to do

Okay i will waste a lil bit of my time writing this useless post. ps : this will be the last time im writing about this person. I got nothing better to do so i went to this blog. This person actually wrote a post to me( SURPRISINGLY, she nv wrote anything about me when we are together). Okay so she said something about trying hard for our relationship( trying hard to be a lesbian? )
She also mentioned that she thot i think she's fake( yes u r, In fact VERY) She also thank me for shaping her into dunnoe wat la. But sorry, im not going to thank u back =D And i dun need your blessing at all. oh ya she mentioned her stage of getting over me was not bad at all( of coz, making used of me whenever u want is your way of doing things) :)

And last but not least, stop posting movies about lesbian in ur blogs, its disgusting and ermm.. its self-sympathy actually.

napFA owns ME

hohoo it has been a long long time since i run long distance. All i did was play soccer with my friends and tt's all. Today was napfa day. I thot i would have failed all the 5 station but expectedly i did quite well. Gold for standing broad jump, sit ups and shuttle run. Silver for sit and reach. Pull-ups unexpectedly three times ahah. I could only do once in Secondary School. Maybe becoz i lost weight lol! i dropped out of 2.4km run because of stomach pain. Ate too much during lunch. Im going to train hard and take the test again in 1 months time. GL to me=D

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Monday Blues

This is a boring Monday. I woke up late again. Although ah mei gave me morning call but still i can't get out of bed. Shes going to kill me when she read this. I received a call in the afternoon from Henry and he's wants me to accompany him for lunch since he's working nearby. Went hm to slack after that. Watched Singapore Idol while waiting for training. A Malay are winner again. I can't deny, Malay really sings better than chinese for english song. Anyway nice try to Jonathan leong lol!
Been waiting for our team shirt to be up. The design is still not ready yet. Hope we can wear it during 7th of oct for CAPL woot!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Getting Hype!

Have been boring life because of VPP! Wake up and go school in the morning and wait for training at night. Our next lan event would be the Capl @ on the 7th of oct. Chalets coming during the two weeks holiday. I dun think i will be able to attend any of them if i have to go back to work on my project. Hope the teacher give me chance to enjoy at least two weeks of holiday before school starts. IM DEAD. I skipped school today because i thot i was sick. SOMPAH! But i felt better after that around noon. (Atleast im honest) =D Im now really doing the things i like. Competing with highly skilled teams in Singapore. We did quite well against them actually during training. Hope we could get sponsors so that we could compete overseas.

Hope everyone do things they like man, dun regret =D

Sunday, September 17, 2006

fruitful holiday !

During CPL, we had a training match with Fnatic, ranked 2nd in the WORLD. So honoured =DD This is the screenshots. Its genuine lor :)

Everyone are made to do something. eg. Doctors are to save lives. Lawyers are made to fight cases. Everyone does different things. Some are good at it, some are just normal. Some do it becoz they love it. Some do it because of the money. Whatever it is, everyone are sure to be good at something. If you are interested in something, dun hesitate to do it. Just follow your heart =D
Two competitions in three weeks + all trainings. Damn shag. Although we did not win anything, Im happy with the team im in. We are a new team, all we need is time and surely we can get results.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


This is the result of WGT :

Won team [x]eNon 16-0
Won team ehnma 16-3
Lost to BMW 16-1

Lost to the eventual championship winner as we crash out of the competition. Damn sad ar. Congrats to them. One day we will take revenge =DDD
CPL singapore will commence on 15th Friday. Not much time to train sial. Hope we can get some time together and put our strats to good use.