Sunday, December 31, 2006


My right eye is so sore at the moment. Any1 got remedy to this? It started since 4 days ago. Anyway my favourite team Man Utd extended their lead to 6 points on top of the table sweee LA!! Chelsea drop points hohohoho~~

Saturday, December 30, 2006

New YEAR!!

I was woken up by an sms that says "we broke up" today. Although couples cannot be together forever but the most important thing is that you have tried your best in every relationship. That's all it matters. During evening, i received another sms "later i shall hand my presidentship to Ruiwen". My friend, Lincoln, got a gf FINALLY LOL. Ok la hope your new phase of life would be a good one. Remember not to pangseh us =/.
Hmm.. i went to watch Deathnote 2 today. The storyline was really good. Unexpected things happened and in the end both L and Kira died. However my trip to the new Cathay theatre was not really good. While im watching the movie, people from behind kicks my seat from the start till the end of the movie -_-. Cmon la if im with my friends i will surely turn around and tell them. Despite my continuous turn about around my seat, they still do it f**k.
New year resolution. I dun really believe in setting one because i will fail to do it and become deeply disappointed in myself. Nevertheless, its still good to have some aims for the New Year.

1. Pass my End-of-Year Examination.
I guessed i passed my PD2 review since they have not send me anything emails about going back to sch for a second one. Now, its only the examination that matters. I will try hard to get pass this and earn the diploma.

2. Spend more time with my gf.
I think i have neglected her somehow since the time we are together. Although she has a nice temper, i think i must improve as a boyfriend and try not to make her angry often =/. Trying to think and care for her is really not an easy task for me i have to admit =x.

3. Going overseas.
I always wanted to go overseas to have a look at the outside world. They always say Singaporeans have a good life, so i wonder how people from other countries live their life. Saving up for a trip is hard la really HARD. But i will try hard to complete this new year wish of mine =D

Ok la three New year Resolution is enough. Trying to live life to the fullest is the most important. Stay happy dudes =]

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Announcement:We are currently restoring services affected by the Taiwan quake.

This announcement was taken from the singnet website. If anyone of you are experiencing lagness from ur home net, it should be this reason. I moved my blogger account to google acc already, it is worse lor. I still prefer the previous version. I did not update my blog yesterday because of this. Watching youtube videos was not possible too. Surfing forums was worse. The hardwarezone webby is already damn lag during normal days. Now i can't even see the advertisement from the site. Sometimes in life, unpredictable things might happened. Do not blame yourself or anyone else. Just stay calm and think of solution. Being frantic and being sad is not the real solution to any problems. Try to think of the last time u had a problem. After all, you looked back, its actually nothing. It is something u managed and HAVE to solve. Life is a waste if you do not live it to the fullest. So relax and sit back, Enjoy life! =D

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Another rainy day

How many times have u woke up around 4+ or 5+ in the afternoon during this holiday? I think i did everyday. The sky would be dark after an hour or so den before the sunrise, im going to bed again. I heard that my gd friend in school, Kelvin, kena debarment letter. Hope things are going right for him. Its our last sem already, it should be a good reason for appealing.
Sometimes words can be very scary. It can hurt someone's feeling, activate someone's action and make someone do things beyond imagination. Before you talk, its better to be careful who's the receiver. The guy whom are listening can backstab u whenever he/she likes. They might accuse you even if u r 100 metres from the fact. Besides trying to clear urself by saying "No i didn't", you still have to face the doubtful faces from your friends or worse girl/boyfriends. Some people likes to backstab ppl right after the guy turns away from the backstabber. Doing things like that surely makes u feel good but the receiver would surely know you are someone trying to create trouble and sow discord among the friends. It would be worse if you are trying to do that to someone who had helped u so much before. Instead of returning the favour, u turned around and stabbed him. Worse thing is that before you know it, everyone around u had already know ur a backstabber and tries to avoid telling u things.
Last time i played a game. Not much people know about this game. The reason i find it fun is because the game always have a negative and positive effect on one of the tactics. No matter wat tactic you use, you would have a 30% probability of losing. Its something like life, things are not always perfect. You cannot always force it. Everything has a positive and negative results. Of cause depending on how u handle it. Even if you had a bad day, its not the end of life. Try to smile at it and take it as a lesson. Besides that, forcing other people to do things they dun like is worse. The other party will be uncomfortable with you, tries to avoid you, and take every opportunities to give excuses when you all quarrel.....

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Woo my gf made these cookies for me. Its a bottle with my name on the outside of the bottle and small cookies made up of letters of my name. =D She also gave me a Braun buffel wallet as a christmas present. <3>

Sunday, December 24, 2006


I juz took a nice bath after this particular soccer match. This is the most memorable one. There is only ONE word to describe them. ROUGH.
The most seriously injured players must be YC and me. I got scratches on my knee, both palms, elbow and my body. Yc was hit on the knee twice + scratches on both palms too.
One of the incident i must really point out is that for those who knows soccer, after every goals, the ball are places on the middle of the field. When Yc started kick off, the guy went straight towards him and bang! Hit him on the knee. Nice referee, he told us that the floor was slippery. Ok we did had a nice mudbath party on the field but obviously the guy was not going for anything, not even the ball. He went for the knee. Everyone was wet, the colour of our clothes is exactly the same as our skin, IMAGINE.
One more situation. It was a corner for the opposition, i already took notice of one of their player, he ALWAYS try to bang in when the corner guy was about to hit the ball. When the ball came towards me, the 60-90kg heavyweight clashed with me. I lied on the floor flat. Thanks huh. When i stood up, everything was like normal. The ref dun even care about me=( Well maybe it was normal when u see those soccer matches. U see them clash with each other like no kick. But that bloody heavyweight merely hit me with his fatty shoulder and i know how embarassing it was.
Whenever the goalkeeper catches the ball, the opposition striker should not even try to kick the ball out from their grab. But this time round, our opposition was playing like 87mins-1-goal-down match. When lincoln grabbed the ball, they still try to do that, fucking rough malays -_-. The Referee still did not try anything to stop the striker. I wonder if he was telling the truth when he said he had no contact with even one of their players.
Our Lim Ruiwen is the best. We already knew he would said hes injured during halftime. But this time, it was better. After only twenty minutes on the field(mind you he barely runs), he said he got injury and i have to cover his post.
Im not whining after a lost. They do have players with quick feet and nice passes. Even without their hard tackles, they could get the ball easily. I juz dun like teams that took the match so seriously that like in the shaolin soccer movie, trying hard to injure players. Damn it.
Anyway with our mudbath and injury, i think this is a memorable christmas eve present i gave them hehehee.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Jap drama?!

Well... Sherwin introduced me "A song to the sun" drama. Its actually a jap drama featuring Sawajiri Erika again. Previously i watched her first drama "1 liters of tears". Not a bad drama especially the first one, very sad story. Spend freaking four days to end the downloading for the drama. Damn slow sia singnet. Starhub is really better than Singnet in terms of downloading.
Going to msia for cart in 9 hours time hohoho.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Thursday: go back to school for project.
Friday: go malaysia for cart.
Saturday: St james powerstation
Sunday: soccer

Finally i woke up today receiving a msg from someone whom i contacted from forum for a friendly match on Sunday. Although its christmas eve i believe there are people who won't give soccer a miss. We decided that we will play at punggol at 5pm=D Darling was abit unhappy. She's ASSUMING that i can't accompany her during the night because im too tired. It will be interesting because we never travel so far for a soccer match. Hopefully i have got gd players to play for my team. Woo mom gave me 150 ringgit for cart on Friday. i guess she must be happy that i go msia(heven been there for years) although she reminds me that jb is very messy now. She still offered to give me some money although she lost money when swimming =D.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Rain is coming to Singapore. Its true huh. It has been raining heavily the past few days. Today is the worst, the floor couldn't get any drier =/ I won't expect myself to be playing soccer during this month but there are always unexpected things. We prepared newspaper so that we could dry the court. But guess wat? after we dropped all the newspapers, the rain gets heavier. No choice, we have to play in these weather. It was unbelievable, we couldn't even see where the ball was. Sliding tackles, sitting and lying on the floor were all made possible because of the very wet floor. It was fun, it really was. Although i was shivering like a cold turkey, i had no regrets ahaha. This holiday is not that much fun because of the rain. But what if we had school, i think i would receive more warning letters liao =//.
Mom was asking me to sleep early nowadays. I wanted to, but how ? just dun feel tired at all leh. Maybe my bio time change again. Hard to sleep until 7 in the morning =D. When im typing this post, im actually risking my life, hoping my mom won't open my door to give me a lecture.
经典老歌 is damn nice and meaningful. I have been listening to oldies nowadays. i realised that those are songs that i've heard when im young, expect me to sing during the next kbox session =D

Monday, December 18, 2006


PUI CHELSEA WON AND MAN U LOST. This is so irritating lor. Every shots they pumped in didn't even reach a man u striker and whenever chelsea shoot, the ball lands on the back of the net pui pui pui

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Woke up quite late today. So decided to slack at hm with my girl. Aizai told me they didn't wan to go powerstation anymore. Instead, they eating steamboat at his house. His home was quite far from mine sia... so lazy la.
Anyway today i read an interesting article from straits time:

It shows some examples of people losing job and jobless for 12 years omg.
The government thot that by decreasing the income tax and increasing the GST, they will help the lower income group more than the richer people this way. I agree the situation actually improve. But then the real group that the government should look into is the middle-age group. Lets be realistic, if you are the boss, u won't wan to employ people that are over 40+ yrs old right? Older people are often the breadwinner of the families. They need the money to send their children to school. Look at my school fees, 11k. How can they afford sia?!? Ok the Government have some subsidies for my case, but what about those that couldn't make it to the Gov sch. Private schools?Universities? One of the examples writtened in the paper was a guy who studied very hard and try very hard to collect every diplomas he could. One day when he wanted to get a job, the guy said that his qualification was too high and the company couldn't afford. Even when u study hard enough, you might not get a job in Singapore. One funny thing i read about it is that people who kena illness rather die than get treatment. The 2% GST increase in hospital fees sure steam lor.
Anyway, seems like the old traditional saying that "studying hard increases chance of getting a job" dun make sense anymore leh. Staying in Singapore really is quite hard man, maybe migrating is the choice =/ .

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Hmm... quite a busy holiday i must say. Spent the first two days with my gf, going out to eat, shop and talk crap.. We went clubbing on Wed at mos. What a boring boring day.. . The music was boring everything was boring. We ended the day earlier than expected at around 2 am before we went 921 to eat and talk cock until around 3 plus. Im so desperate looking for soccer matches nowadays. Asking friends team whether they are free and posting on forums to look for social soccer teams. Its so fun playing soccer on the big field. However, seems like the whole thing is too sudden, no teams free to play on weekends.

Sometimes what i heard might not be the truth but can't help thinking there are possibilities that it WILL happen. I am very disappointed towards two of my friends that did all those things behind our back. Hopefully they realised that it is a cheap and shameful thing to do. You walked out on us last time and now u do this kinda thing omg. I hope that those are rumours.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Ah! finally, the term test ended today. The DCST paper was quite decent i must say. Not sure whether i could pass the paper, I tried my best =D. I have a three weeks break including this week ^-^ . Gonna play more field soccer this holiday. Although my supervisor instructed us to go back during the holidays, it will be quite slack i guess. Gonna enjoy my youth and spend every single mins busy before i go army. Darling is sick today, hope she feels better after her rest so that she could watch movie with me =DD.
The other day, Xueli asked me what im gonna do with my life, in the future. Im really confused. I was ambitious last time. I try to work hard for everything in life. Most of the time i succeeded. But suddenly i was confused. Every jobs or occupations contain something interesting seriously. Some people go for their interests, some for fame and some for money. I guess i want a life that allows me to try everything and be flexible. I can't explain.. really.

Nowadays, if you notice, there were alot of ambulance around. When i was scanning the pages on the newspaper, i saw alot of mysterious death happening. More and more people are jumping MRT. Life is so fragile man. People can even die from their sleep. I dun understand. Last time, i thot everything in life can be controlled. But nowadays, it seems, the best choice is to enjoy every seconds of your life before you regret.

Anyway my tagboard got problem leh. Im a noob at fixing it. Need some help from my darling lol!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The latest in sch

Wow i juz reached home at 2245. What a memorable day lol. First time i stayed till so late in school. Bo pian since im going clubbing tml. Gotta finish much of my project by today. I saw some students still loitering around in school. Are they too free or wat? i rather head home straight sia. Hope to do well in my Final review man!


woOO been a long time since i sweat playing basketball. Its so fun. We joined huimin's church friends for a game at 838. Everyone was having fun. Sharon even flared up when she couldn't play because the guy with the ball had to go. I guess playing with friends is the best. No Stress, no commitment. Juz throwing the ball anywhere will do. We played till around midnite before we head home hahaha. Play hard work hard, but seems like im going to be a dead meat on Thurs - my final review. Henry and nick will be going army this sat. I hope to spend more time with them siol. Well, they will be eating and clubbing on wednesday which i guess i can't reject any further. Friday admond, kx and edric's birthday? Seems so fun eh.. another side of my life won't allow it =/

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Sigh! this is the time when i can't do anything. The exams will start 2 weeks from now. Although its only 1 paper, the real weight comes from the Final review of my project this week. This will determine whether i have to come back during the holidays. It will be impossible for the project to be completed i have to admit. But den i still have to touch up on it. Its like stucked in the middle. You feel like u have to do something but u can't do anything about it. I really hate this feeling. I didn't attend anything lectures since the first two weeks and i kinda forgot the image of our lecture theatre already.
Slowly, the time during poly seems to pass by more and more quickly( dun believe me u can ask any poly students) This is my schedule for 1 week.

Monday: woke up around 11+ and head to sch for lab until 3
Tuesday: same as mon
Wednesday: 10-12pm for tutorials
Thursday: project 9-5
Friday: same as thurs

Mon and Tue seems to be the most free one but when u finish class at 3, u feel like you have nowhere to go since my friends all have sch till 5.
Whenever friday comes, where all the birthday parties are usually held, i have this stupid project until late. Most of the time, i have to go straight for my friend's party since it will be dark after that. This is so fck up. ahya maybe i should stop whining for awhile and work hard for exams lol. At least a small target to aim for!

Friday, December 01, 2006

trust only yourself?

RAINING RAINING AND RAINING~~~ damn cold these few days. Attended school later than usual. Its unusual for me to be so late on project days =/ sigh, i thot i was the latest den. Guess wat? my group mates both came later than me. They said that in order to get a project done, teamwork is a must. This sentence is getting more meaningful as the final review comes closer. Why can't they come earlier since PD2 is ending? They dun feel urgent in the morning? only getting nervous during the end of the day when the lecturer is getting more busy? Although our group is more suay - Supervisor won't attend to you unless u start asking, Project hardware and software consists of more components than others, but things can be done when we put in a littttttle bit more efforts. And i really mean little (im lazy too hee). Nothing can be done if watching youtube whole day makes u happy seriously.