Wednesday, February 01, 2006


wah lao i can't believe my luck for this year. Ive won over 150 bucks in 4 days. Xie Men AR!!!!! I bet wat also win lor.. not boasting but the fact. soccer, blackjack and other cards game bth =/
People said that when u win something u will lose something. Is it true? =/ Maybe becoz im a free thinker, to me, i feel that it's juz pure luck la.. when i wan to win something, i work hard for it. I lost something becoz i dun even care about it. My life is controlled by me =). What about you?

Went to youchao's house as usual. Its the same every year. Except that this yr was more fun. After eating and all the gambling, everyone was sianz of the cards ( i lost all my $$, leaving 2 bucks in my wallet). YC took out his ball and we took over the roads for a soccer game. LOL wtf. The stake of the match was 10 bucks for the winning team. Everyone were very serious and enthu. Working hard to get the ball when.. guess wat? A police car drove pass lol!! The ball was left behind a car (not visible to the police) when they came. Those with ICs would have to surrender them and the rest sat on the pavement beside the road. When the policemen questioned what were we doing on the road, someone told them that we were playing catching lmao. i could see that one of the two policemen wanted us to get the IC from the house but another gave him a nevermind-lah look. Maybe becoz it's cny ba. Our energy all wasted sia, spend so much chasing after the ball and in the end no results lol. After that some of us were seated outside, while the rest were watching tv.
Soon, some of them gtg. So, leaving a few of us, we decided to go up to the third floor for cards game again. Using a two dollar notes, i won back about 30 plus lmao. damnit i dunnoe how i did that. As usual, willie and ruisong lost the most. We played till about 6plus before we went home and slp. All of us drop dead after we bathed.

The day after, we met up for a movie, Fearless. Greatly anticipated becoz wb and others who watched has said that it's a nice movie. Overall, quite a good movie. Please watch it =) We went to henree's house and gamble. We were smoking at the void deck of henry's house when his sister-in-law and brother saw us. After a moment later, henry received a phonecall from his mum nagging about him smoking . Damn suay. When we enter henry's house, his father said aloud ," wah zai hor? smoking ar?" wah lao damn paiseh, anyway how old are we ? it's non of his business =[ Okay, we took the cards game to Henry's room. Lost alot again in the beginning. Leaving me only 3 bucks. After that we changed game. We played the five cards game( dunnoe wat issit called) and i actually won back. After i won about 20+ i caught hold of Ace of Spade twice in a row. The other Aces are actually 1 points but spade Ace is a triple win. I took home another 17 two dollars notes lol!! heng heng. After that we bid good bye and slack at the coffeeshop near his house before we went home. Boring, sch is starting and we went home early.

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