Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Some ppl juz dun wan to set some standards for themselve. I have this project which was due tml. It consists of 4 members including me. Everyone would have to contribute to the project like info, powerpoint etc. This fucking guy name .. i also dunoe the name. i only met him 2 times, wtf. He seldom come to class. Only today, which is the last day for us to compile all the slide for the presentation den he appear.
When he appear, we thot of giving him someting to at least do for the project like summarising and correcting the tenses in our powerpoint slide. But he did nothing except talking nonsense all the way.
"Aiya delete this sentence la, useless one." If its really useless den its okay la, but what he points out actually answered the qns to our topic. zzz nothing to say

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