Tuesday, July 24, 2007

poor girl

I met up with an old friend in town today for a quick lunch with her. I heven seen her for almost a year but luckily before i go in, she wanted to meet up with me. Ok her background- she came here to study from Hong Kong and stayed with her aunt when she's in sec sch. Due to some conflicts, she decided to move out from her aunt and lives on her own. To finance her tertiary studies in Singapore, she has to work + study. Her results are failing and she has to pay for other things including her expenses.

When i saw her today, i was damn shock la. Her face damn pale and she look restless. She told me she would be going for another interview later on, for a third job. Omg damn poor thing la. Im starting to change my mindset about money. When i was surfing around a forum the other day, i saw this video about Taiwanese asking whether Singaporeans, although financially stable, but are they happy? It seems that my friend here(although not a Singaporean, but will soon be), is working her ass off just to live by. Whereas in other country, slower pace, could enjoy their life and spend quality time with their family. Is this life is all about in Singapore? Getting alot of money and neglecting your family and health? She is not the only example, my other friend told me he cannot afford to fall sick because he can't pay for the medical fees. I must say that im considered fortunate compared to them but really... HAIZ

I duno how to bring the point to you people. i just have the sudden urge to enter this post. Anyway stay happy all my friends!! ARMYMYY