Saturday, February 04, 2006


omg boring friday. Tired of school nowadays. Didn't attend school and slept till 12 in the afternoon. Heard from one of my friends that there are actually two debarment date -_-Was thinking, why the hell do the lecturers wan to see so many parents duhz. Maybe joining philbert in the army soon. Slack at home till about 9.. before setting off for edric's house to gamble again muahaha.
Reached his home and thought that everyone was already present. But wtf, all of them are actually "reaching" soon. LOL although it's a dog's year but i hate edric's dogs. He has one very noisy one last time but he got two now -_- Damn noisy unless u stay for around 15 mins already, den they will keep quiet. Alright, have to admit i lost around 20 bucks there. Well, when u win some, u will lose some right? the sor zai actually luffed at me. -_- Stupid dog =/ Was gambling halfway when my mum called to chase me home =( Maybe i will lose more if i dun go -_-

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