Monday, July 31, 2006

Crucial week

As much as i know im going to have the final preview this week, laziness really comes out big this time. i have problems getting the components for testing of the circuit. And i encountered some software problems along the way too. Till now, i haven found any solutions to create the components in Eagle software. I hope the supervisor previewing my group would be lenient to us =/

Friday, July 28, 2006

Smart people

Today i was in class, as usual, doing my project. When Mr Terence, the guy who are suppose to review us on our project, came in and take a look. He would enter the class every thursday. Not checking whether we are slacking, but learning on how to create the project with us.
We were talking about the project when somehow, we managed to talk about google. He told me that he was "quite" a google fan. As he carries a doctorate, he also make research via google. That's a medium used by even doctors and scientists! He said he felt that for the next ten years, technology will fuels technology. It simply means that with better tech, there will be better technology and knowledge. Internet has become a very important thing in life in this decade or for the next. School children might not be carrying a textbook in the future if every knowledge can found on the internet. Of coz, there are scams in the internet too, but with so many source of informations found in the internet, its easy to get the latest and up to date news.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

SADSADSAD for wat?

Hey juz hope people around me dun wear a black face everyday. Stay cheerful even if you have any problems. Try to solve it with some actions. Be it BGR, Family or school, everything has its solution! Treating it as an obstacle in life and move on!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hobbies = income?

Isn't it everyone's dream to take a hobby, something you love to do, and start making money from it?
They say " do things you like, and money will come." Is it true? yes many ppl had proved that. Check out this
article to find out how u can make money from ur hobby !

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Everyday i take bus to school from clementi, i would see SIM. Its a school just beside Ngee Ann. I always wonder what can you study about management. i doubt the broadness of the subject. 1 whole school, people juz study for management? abit ridiculous.
But now i think i know why. Today i went to work in this factory in senoko. What i see in the morning was ok, what i expected. Big machines functioning and workers signing in for work. But wat i really found out from my friends really broaden my knowledge about the word "Management". The factory consist of really, and i mean REALLY organised system. Everyone was accounted for something. If someone really feels lazy, the whole factory would be affected.
Its really a new experience for me!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Right or Wrong?

ok have you wonder why some people tends to have different thinking besides you. Even though its wrong, they still do it? And worse still, they do the same WRONG thing over and OVer again.
This is because everyone thinks what they are doing is right. Everyone! even robbers or theif thinks they are doing the right thing. Why terrorists wants to die for their country whY?!?!? because they think they are doing the right thing in their perspective. They had been brain-washed.

ok whatever it is, always try to look at things from another point of views. Even if its wrong, try to understand the problems and change it. Never criticize the problems or anyone. This way, your life will be happier and clearer. The best is, view it from DIFFERENT viewpoints.

Another weekend

aww..its thursday again. Final preview is getting nearer and nearer. This week is week 13 and week 15 is the deadline. Time in poly passes quickly because of the long hours everyday. You won't realise even if it is time for lunch. Things is hand up would be :

Final preview (project)
Report on Final preview
job interview on week 14
presentation of WISP week 15

I came across this website which i think is very interesting. They interview the entrepreneur from singapore. Read the interview, very interesting.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Some ppl juz dun wan to set some standards for themselve. I have this project which was due tml. It consists of 4 members including me. Everyone would have to contribute to the project like info, powerpoint etc. This fucking guy name .. i also dunoe the name. i only met him 2 times, wtf. He seldom come to class. Only today, which is the last day for us to compile all the slide for the presentation den he appear.
When he appear, we thot of giving him someting to at least do for the project like summarising and correcting the tenses in our powerpoint slide. But he did nothing except talking nonsense all the way.
"Aiya delete this sentence la, useless one." If its really useless den its okay la, but what he points out actually answered the qns to our topic. zzz nothing to say

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Main purpose of blog...

Ok some of u might have noticed i have actually changed the blogskin of mine. This is because i felt that the main purpose of blogging is actually the content updated everyday, not the decor in the blogpage. So i made it simpler and easier for ppl to read.

All the events or views writtened are based on my OWN point of perspective. If i wrote anything wrong about anyone, please dun come and sue me but search your soul becoz tt's wat im really thinking loL!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

You dun realise until u lose it

You know you are a loser and u still do that. You pushed us aside when u had ur bf. When u and ur bf quarrels and proceed with the so-called small "broke up" routines, u come and find us. Only to leave us for your bf when u both "patch up" lol now i hope really someday u will find yourselve friend-less. At least now i know my ex gfs are all stronger than u. They do not believe in fairy tale stories like "two person in dreamland". Whenever i tok to them about their friends, they sure kp and defend their friends. These(more than one occasions) prove your immaturity, making-used-of-friends attitude and your childish behaviour.

Friday, July 14, 2006


Kena f**k by my supervisor during project class today. He said he felt like he's teaching a secondary school student -_-!!! secondary sch got electronics meh?

lol nvm about that. Today i went to the backgate for smoking break. There was this 40+ yr old guy walking around with his cigarettes and guess wat he did. He went to one of the trees and took a pee!! lol i took down the picture. farking hilarious!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


awww woke up and had a bad headache. Hope i could go to school but couldn't get out of bed.
Actually today was the deadline to hand up my assignment 3 for human com. but dunnoe whether MC would help =/

I think most of us would have our ups and downs in life. Its how you handle it. I had a friend telling me that she had a lot of problems in life. Chill leh, sure there's a solution to everything u face. Try to distract yourself by doing other things. But please dun avoid the problems. You won't solve anything! Good luck and hope u get ur way out!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Coffee is "Good" for you

loL im so addicted to this 3in1 coffee than cigarettes. I drank like 3 cups a day, EVERYDAY. It is highly recommended by me. lol, better than starbucks or coffee beans'. Can someone tell me wat's the maximum amount of caffeine one can consume?

Monday, July 10, 2006

wat the....

Guy A: She is fucking making used of me.
Me: Wat happened?
Guy A: She is always asking me to do report for her. Always asking me to buy bets for her in SGpool.
Me: den dun buy la!

the next day

Me: Eh go buy bets leh.
Guy A: ok wait ar, i ask her wat she wants first
Me: .....

Me: Later going yc house to watch final?
Guy A: Cannot leh, later going her house help her do reports.
Me: ...

Guy B: Fark la Im gonna give up on her. She says she wants to have more time to decide after i did so much for her
Me: really?
Guy B: YA! serious tis time.

2 days later

Guy B: eh u got any nice gd nite msg, i wan to send her.
Me: i thot u giving up on her already?
Guy B: but i really like her leh. she say she "enjoy" talking to me.

Cmon leh guys. Dun be stupid leh. Dunnoe wat is the right word to use, but... -_-!!! If you dun wan her to make use of u, den stop doing things for her. Or once u did for her willingly, stop complaining la!! She didn't use a gun to force U!

World Cup Champion

canavaro lifts the World Cup!

ok this is it, after 64 matches played in 30 days, it all comes down to one champion. Italy won the final by scoring all 5 kicks from the spot. In my opinion, Italy seriously deserves the take it. They only concede two goals in the entire tournament. One by zidane in yesterday's match and the other was an own goal. Their defence were like solid walls led by Canavaro. Always shutting opponents at the crucial moments. They faced bribery case back in Italy but they still give their best. Against all odds, they won! omg.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

World Cup Finals!

Alright, once in four years. Im gonna go out and watch this. But i have a rfme practical test at 8am in the morning. This is my plan, im going to watch this outside and go home bath before i go for the test. Skipping all lectures and going home at 12noon! hehee !

My prediction for this match will be 1-0 for italy. Im rooting for them!!!

Im also going to buy soe Ping An Foo in SGpool.
10 bucks on total goals 0
10 bucks on total goals 1
10 bucks on Italy WIN!

Okay for those who dunno where the f**k got sgpool in town. Here's where
There are two sgpool outlets. Both located IN cuppage plaza. Just beside somerset MRT and centrepoint. GD LUCK!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

borned like this?

I wonder why people always say i have those ah beng or tico looks. Even kelvin ( i know he dun lie) tells me when he first saw me, i gave him a very playboy impression. Frankly speaking, im not lor =/ Anyway, Qianping and her gang of people always like to say i have the tico look and kelvin have those faithful-to-girlfriend kinda look. WTF right. Its the opposite ! lOL.
Anyway today i woke up late and as usual, enter the classrm for Human Com half an hour late. The lecturer was teaching us on how to present ourselves during an interview for job. I think i will never be going for a permanent job after NS. I really dislikes working under someone. I want to be independent with my wealth and working hours. Normally, once people starts to work, they get those pay and would continue working for the companies because of the salary to survive. I don't wish to do that.
I know some people would flame me and say im childish or wat bla bla bla. But i dun care, im going to stick to my philosophy of wealth.My group and i presented our WISP project at 10am. I know i had talked nonsense because i didn't prepare it the day before. I went to bed right after i reached home. It was dull and boring. One group even had three scenario to present when teacher's instruction was 1 scenario per group. I nearly fall asleep listening to them omg. They even read all the words on the screen accordingly duh.
I met irene, jason, kel and yc for dinner in the evening. We were slacking after dinner on the playground when suddenly we talked about our future. WTF we are 20yo already. Im gonna start planning for my future soon.Staying up for Portugal vs France match.....