Sunday, October 01, 2006

The place when gaming is not possible

For teams who play competitive games like dota or cs, please do not train at this fcking Egames opposite parklane. If not for the numbers of teams playing there, we won't even wan to make our way there lor. Firstly, the comps sucks. ok maybe we are not used to playing there. The dedicated server was so lag that u feel better if u'r playing online. 100 pings every now and den. 50 pings is the lowest. Although they are using shuttle, some of my players couldn't use the mic when they plugged it in. One of my teammates' monitor went blank not because he's dead, aiya just suck man. Secondly, the place is so noisy. I couldn't hear footsteps at all. Arbo dun wear headphones play la ?!?! Thirdly, the stupid management... ok this is wat happened. I saw my friends waiting at 10am in the morning. And guess wat time he finally gets his comp, 5pm-at that time when we left -_- This is so pathetic lor. We spend money to get this kinda service?!!?

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