Wednesday, September 27, 2006

nothing better to do

Okay i will waste a lil bit of my time writing this useless post. ps : this will be the last time im writing about this person. I got nothing better to do so i went to this blog. This person actually wrote a post to me( SURPRISINGLY, she nv wrote anything about me when we are together). Okay so she said something about trying hard for our relationship( trying hard to be a lesbian? )
She also mentioned that she thot i think she's fake( yes u r, In fact VERY) She also thank me for shaping her into dunnoe wat la. But sorry, im not going to thank u back =D And i dun need your blessing at all. oh ya she mentioned her stage of getting over me was not bad at all( of coz, making used of me whenever u want is your way of doing things) :)

And last but not least, stop posting movies about lesbian in ur blogs, its disgusting and ermm.. its self-sympathy actually.

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Goose said...

Nice blog, I like the template looks stylish, esp that red seems to draw attention to your site...keep up the good work, i'll stop in every now and then to see how ur site is doing