Thursday, December 21, 2006


Thursday: go back to school for project.
Friday: go malaysia for cart.
Saturday: St james powerstation
Sunday: soccer

Finally i woke up today receiving a msg from someone whom i contacted from forum for a friendly match on Sunday. Although its christmas eve i believe there are people who won't give soccer a miss. We decided that we will play at punggol at 5pm=D Darling was abit unhappy. She's ASSUMING that i can't accompany her during the night because im too tired. It will be interesting because we never travel so far for a soccer match. Hopefully i have got gd players to play for my team. Woo mom gave me 150 ringgit for cart on Friday. i guess she must be happy that i go msia(heven been there for years) although she reminds me that jb is very messy now. She still offered to give me some money although she lost money when swimming =D.

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