Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Prostitution, the oldest occupation in history, is now worked by the young childrens. Girls of 16 yrs old and below, are earning money by selling their own body. Get Real. Is this real? Yes. Singapore older men are flocking over to batam for paid sex. One guy they interviewed in the show was named Alex. Although his face was not shown, i could see that he's those kinda beng beng type la, from his other physical appearances.
First, he was asked why he would choose girls of 16 age, wouldn't it be very disgusting. He answered " If he have a daughter of 21 yrs old, he wil feel that way. But now he likes younger girls as they could satisfy his needs more"
Secondly, they asked him whether his wife knows about his sexual activities outside. He replied that his wife even came with him to batam. Even CHOOSES the girls for him. He feels that all guys are the same, have the needs to release. ROFL!
Thirdly, they asked him whether he will feel guilty about it. He answered no. Because he thinks that he's helping the girl by paying her money for them to support themselves.

Hmm... fyi, it is illegal to have sex with girls under 16 in Singapore, and 18 in Indonesia. And still they have so many cases of underaged sex. Is it really problems of complementing the laws?

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