Saturday, May 28, 2005

Happy Birthday Aaron Leong

It was a short but nice birthday for Aaron. We reach the Muddy Murphy pub at about 11pm. After half an hour, all of us were here. Yc, admond, me, aaron, Alex, Kx and his cousins ( Marcus and bryan). We toast Aaron with the beer and wished him happy birthday before his cousins chut stun- wanted to give him a surprise. They ordered 2 lambo and 1 graveyard for him haha. he nearly can't walk properly liao. Everyone of us drinking the beer was also getting tipsy. den one of aaron's friend, Kenny, reached liao and straightaway ordered another lambo muahahaha. When he tar the last lambo, his head was already on the table, requesting to go to the loo. After throwing up, his cousins decided to send him home becuz he really cannot stand properly liao. They left in a cab at 1am lol . After that we went to the mac outside chinablack for a bite. Thinking of going into cb at 2am. But dunnoe whether got free entry anot. While we are still chilling at mac, kx the gay keep asking us not to go home too late -.- So when it's about time we went to ask but the lady said $12. LL go home becoz of kx need to share cab with yc and Alex.
Though it's a short BD but a meaningful one becoz he is dead drunk.


It's so sad really... nowadays people are getting more dao. This is what happened. After class today i took the stairs down and i saw Rainus. She was coming my way and i purposely look at her somemore. She dun have any response. So i called her. It's audible lor, and she can walk past me like nothing happened. Ok another incident. I was waiting for my class to start while chilling at the Atrium. I saw my classmate from last semester. He walk past me and i said "hello". Den he walk even faster -.-!!! Nvm gtg out liao come back den write

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

First day of school...

FUIYOH!! Woke up at 6++ wanted to sleep more but can't. Maybe im too excited to go school after this long break. This holiday has definitely learn alot about life and relationship. Reach school at 10 sharp. When i went into the class, no one except the lecturer was there. So i choose a seat and settled down lor. Den got this girl staying outside class duno for wat. As if im going to eat her up or wat sia. Finally, when more and more people comes in, den she comes in -_- . The class was damn quiet. Luckily i know some of them from last semester. There are about 6 girls in my class. It's rare becoz if you can find any girls from an engineering class, you are considered lucky haha. The class ended at about 11.30am den go for break. Wanted to buy my lecture notes and books, but the queue is like MuThaF*kiNG long haha. Maybe because of the amount of ppl coming into Np this year. Somemore is the dragon year.
After break we went to another tutorial class call ACDA. Wanted to talk to those ppl i dunnoe, but they kinda look unfriendly leh lol. Overall, the class is not bad la. Later den i found out that i don't have school on Wednesday for this semester wah shiok. School ends at about 4.30pm den follow my friends to kopitiam at khatib to slack awhile before going home.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Happy Birthday !

Happy birthday Henry boi!! Actually wanted to go chiong tonight but Henry is juz 17 years old zzz. So planned to have steamboat as our dinner but by the cbk change plan so we eat Burger King lol. wah lao the drinks so big size can drink until u drown -_- After dinner we went to kopitiam watch FA cup Final. Wanted to bet but the bookie say full liao zzz. So juz stay there and watch till about 11.30 den take last train home. A very "meaningful" birthday haha.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

A "zai" day

Today is the first time in two months since i wake up so early. Unbelievable. I have to do this because school is starting in three day's time -.- Sun is not even up yet sia. Damn bored now, waiting for my friends to wake up and go chiong at night!! shiok arrrr

Friday, May 20, 2005


woke up at 11pm++ and saw her msn, she looks so sad. So decided to call her to ask her what happened. She told me she thought she found someone from st john and thot he's the one for her. lol. Trying hard not to luff. Juz becoz he cares about her and took all the initiative, and she has fallen for him? wat a joke. After this incident, it makes me think is it really worth it to care so much about her? forget it la. Is there true love? *puke* i have been too stupid la haha. To think i still call her to ask wat happened. that's a stupid move. But one thing im really surprise is that i dun feel hurt at all. Haha maybe the feelings is starting to fade. Maybe it's a good thing. arrr go slp and dun think too much bye bye bye

Thursday, May 19, 2005

not to think much...

It's morning now and i juz woke up. The chalet was overall quite fun. We tried to steal prawns in the middle of the night and cycle from about 3am to 6 in the morning. Though lack of preparation for this chalet, everything was quite smooth.
I woke up and saw her msg, she told me to enjoy my chalet before sch starts and she wrote me a testimonial. Dunno to be happy or not. Whatever it is, i juz have to move on.. told myself not to think so much about her. juz hope that her life is happy and smooth right now.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Away from home

Wah morning liao but i heven slp sia..hope can catch some slp during the way. Now packing bag for chalet. damn.. some clothes still heven dry. will only be back on wednesday BYE BYE !

Monday, May 16, 2005

First time blogging...

HAHAHA this is my first time posting ar abit noob but nvm, there's always a first time in everything right. ok. Yesterday we went to yishun to discuss about our chalet stuff till about 2am. Heng got wb sent me home or else have to take cab waste money -.- Reach home and play match den slp liao zzz.