Friday, December 01, 2006

trust only yourself?

RAINING RAINING AND RAINING~~~ damn cold these few days. Attended school later than usual. Its unusual for me to be so late on project days =/ sigh, i thot i was the latest den. Guess wat? my group mates both came later than me. They said that in order to get a project done, teamwork is a must. This sentence is getting more meaningful as the final review comes closer. Why can't they come earlier since PD2 is ending? They dun feel urgent in the morning? only getting nervous during the end of the day when the lecturer is getting more busy? Although our group is more suay - Supervisor won't attend to you unless u start asking, Project hardware and software consists of more components than others, but things can be done when we put in a littttttle bit more efforts. And i really mean little (im lazy too hee). Nothing can be done if watching youtube whole day makes u happy seriously.

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