Monday, May 01, 2006

Prawning? Fishing?

i would nv imagine myself sitting near a pond with a rod and fish. I finally did it today. But it was not fishing, it's Prawning lol. We wanted to go Pasir ris to catch prawns but when we reached there, the places was fucking crowded. So we headed to Marina for prawn fishing. I was like a noob holding a rod without any knowledge on how to put the bait all that before Henry taught me how to do it. The place was nice and quiet. Mostly groups of friends all around the pond. I caught my first prawn, opps it's a fish. Everyone was staring at me and i heard one of the girls said "why he got a fish?" lol. A fish in a prawn pond? WTF! After getting the fish, I wait damn long and still my float didn't go down. Irene and wb had already got 3 prawns zzz.
I thot i might have moved the rod too often in the water, so i hang my rod at the same place. Finally after 5 mins, my float went down. I pulled up and got a prawn hehehe. I did even got a prawn with egg ! The satisfactory was undescribable lor lol. Linda and kw are poor thing, they did not even got 1 prawn the whole night whereas i got three prawns and a fish, wb got 6 prawns and irene got 6 too. Damn fun! haha gotta go fishing someday. Heard from them that fishing requires more techniques hohoho

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