Sunday, May 14, 2006


AHHH!!! im feeling so full of life nowadays. Trying to enjoy my weekends to the fullest. First of all im damn happy that we got second for Ngee Ann Campus WCG. hehe. Got into the final and lost to Bongz's team. They played very well and they deserve the mp3 players =(. I did not even went to class that thursday because the schedule of the matches was so packed and we have to go back to the conventional hall in every two hours interval. We won 16-4, 16-4, 16-6 and lost in the final 11-16. Thanks to Riton, Sherwin, Jiaying, Bryan for their effort. After that wb came to NP and we went to the newly famous House of Thailand if im not wrong, for our dinner. Thanks Ruisong for the dinner man. He treated all of us as he won big bucks in soccer lol. All of us den decided to watch the movie Poseidon. The movie was something like Titanic, juz that the movie happens in the 90s. Its worth the money though. Too tired facing the monitors during WCG for the whole day so i went home earlier after the movie.Went fishing at punggol on Saturday with henry and company. I thot we would stay there till around 9 at night but found out that uncle won't be putting in fish again, all of us packed up and went back earlier. We went back to Yishun for our dinner till around 12am. Went to town to take pictures of girls lmao! After slacking awhile at Cine, we went to Rochor for the famous dao hui (beancurds ar). Damn nice. And finally took off for Prawning at Marina. I really dunnoe how to get a prawn sia. Henry had already caught 6 prawns and i still couldn't get one. Damn suay on that day. Nvm try again harder next time. At around 3.45am, we packed and went home. Weekends ending again! sianz!

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