Friday, September 22, 2006

Getting Hype!

Have been boring life because of VPP! Wake up and go school in the morning and wait for training at night. Our next lan event would be the Capl @ on the 7th of oct. Chalets coming during the two weeks holiday. I dun think i will be able to attend any of them if i have to go back to work on my project. Hope the teacher give me chance to enjoy at least two weeks of holiday before school starts. IM DEAD. I skipped school today because i thot i was sick. SOMPAH! But i felt better after that around noon. (Atleast im honest) =D Im now really doing the things i like. Competing with highly skilled teams in Singapore. We did quite well against them actually during training. Hope we could get sponsors so that we could compete overseas.

Hope everyone do things they like man, dun regret =D

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