Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Happy bd mery!

Really sianz of school already.. Wanted to go sch in the afternoon but heard that many of them not going, so no mood already. Called rw up and met them in 925 for lunch. Soon, ruisze and rs arrived. After the gathering, WB fetched irene home before he went for his presentation in school. The rest of us went to rw house for mahjong. Watched SPL at his home. Its a fighting movie and overall it's not that bad, except that it's quite short. After around 6-7pm decided to go for Mery's birthday instead of Shina's wedding. Sorry carmen but i really dun feel like going yet u keep forcing me to. I rather go for the occasion where i know the person well.

We were getting late yet we have to wait for the dua pai rw to get ready. So, me rw ruisong ruisze wb by bert went to Great World City together. Fortunately, Mery heven booked the table yet and by could join us at crystal jade restaurant. Wb and ruisong would have to eat alone as they didn't know mery well. It was me bert ruisze by mery klara and bf, a girl and other two guys( didn't know the name well). We wanted to have rice over there but since birthday girl wans to have noodle, all of us choose individual set of noodles.As usual, QinChai(klara's bf) made the most noise again. haha he's the most kp and talkative one sia. But overall, he is a good guy la. The food was heavenly! Was that the word ruisong uses? lol Damn nice! Especially the xiao long bao, with the chup inside OMGOMG. Thanks Mery. After eating, we decided to proceed to mery's house to play cards ! Wb offered to give a ride to her house. Unbelievable, i lost again in the beginning, have to be banker to win back all my money =( Took a cab home with my winnings at around 12.30am after wb drove me to khatib.

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