Monday, November 27, 2006

Interesting weekend

I didn't update my blog this weekend was because i took hm my laptop except the adaptor LOL! I left it in my project room as i rushed home on friday to attend bert's birthday dinner haha. Ok the dinner started quite late as those bodybuilders came late. They claimed that a trainer talked to them about his story -_- Overall the dinner was nice and full. Anyway how bad can a 300 bucks dinner be right? The birthday routine took over and we sang birthday songs and cut the cake for everyone. Phototaking session followed. Wanted to post some pictures but since many of them had already done so. I shall skip this. Please refer to valerie's blogspot for the pictures =D
Philbert den head to town to meet his gf.Anyway the big groups was deciding where to go when the quarrels and fight occured. I think i shall not mention names scully tio flamed. I have to say not to listen to one side of the stories only before making any conclusion!
After the misunderstanding, we headed to town for some fun. Some of us went to kbox and the rest went shopping. Darling joined us at town and we sang till 6 in the morning. Everything was quite smooth la=D

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