Wednesday, October 25, 2006

nice life eh?

Woohoo im slacking my life away waiting for graduation. Only one obstacle, the Project. I heard im going to repeat the whole year if i fail the review. Hope i rush and complete the project. More of my friends are going in NS soon-SK, Ham and nick. Wait for me brothers =DDD Things are not that well for my team nowadays. Since no more compy, we have not been training much except lan trainings during the weekends. Ever since edric left the team, we have been finding last to replace him. Anyway really looking forward for the chalet on thursday. I could only make it on friday guys, because of the project on thursday =(

Sunday, October 15, 2006

CAPL 4th-8th place

Yes we got 4th-8th place in capl but that was not wat we wanted. It was a disappointing game in the finals against team fairplay but kudos to them. They really came prepared for their map de_nuke. Nothing went right for us, not even the toss coin. Seriously i was hugely disappointed although i keep telling my players to cheer up. Overall i learnt alot from the teams playing and the teams i played against. Hopefully we could put our teamwork together in the next competition.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Finally capl is here. After three weeks of strict online training for preparation(isit strict?), this is wat we are waiting for. The event will take place tml at E2max, Cineleisure. Okay this competition will be single elimination. Which means that you will go home if u lose the first match. We had our last training tonight at e-games. The score was quite ok. We manage to grab 2 out of the 3 maps we played against wwf. They are truly a team with quality aims and teamwork. Hopefully, we can play well tml against any team. Woke up today with news from my girl that she passed her tp. I felt happy for her seriously, dunno why =/ I guess i must tell her my gd news about my competition tml =D. 1010 is the lucky number hohoho =P

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Yesterday was the first time i went to Sentosa since two years back. It was a long time since ive been there. We met up at 921 coffeeshop and had our breakfast at 9. Guess what time we set off - 11.45am almost noon because we have to wait for late comers to eat their breakfast too. This shows how "brothers" we are -_- When we reach there we travelled to siloso beach first but we can't find the goal post or any court around there, so we decided to take the tram to the other beach where there is these kinda facilities - tanjong beach. Ok so we took the tram all the way back to tanjong beach only to find out that the stall that rents out balls or equipment were close. WTF lor. Nvm we decided that there is no point to stay there so we WALK to our LAST LAST destination-the palawan beach. ok so we have travelled to three beaches in Sentosa. That was tiring even before we play soccer. Ok it was quite fun. We finally settled down and bought a ball for soccer. I think i would have to eat more nowadays. People say i look ugly after losing weight -_- After the trip we had our dinner at e harbour front shopping centre. The pics were not uploaded yet so bo pian cannt post. (;

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The place when gaming is not possible

For teams who play competitive games like dota or cs, please do not train at this fcking Egames opposite parklane. If not for the numbers of teams playing there, we won't even wan to make our way there lor. Firstly, the comps sucks. ok maybe we are not used to playing there. The dedicated server was so lag that u feel better if u'r playing online. 100 pings every now and den. 50 pings is the lowest. Although they are using shuttle, some of my players couldn't use the mic when they plugged it in. One of my teammates' monitor went blank not because he's dead, aiya just suck man. Secondly, the place is so noisy. I couldn't hear footsteps at all. Arbo dun wear headphones play la ?!?! Thirdly, the stupid management... ok this is wat happened. I saw my friends waiting at 10am in the morning. And guess wat time he finally gets his comp, 5pm-at that time when we left -_- This is so pathetic lor. We spend money to get this kinda service?!!?