Sunday, July 09, 2006

World Cup Finals!

Alright, once in four years. Im gonna go out and watch this. But i have a rfme practical test at 8am in the morning. This is my plan, im going to watch this outside and go home bath before i go for the test. Skipping all lectures and going home at 12noon! hehee !

My prediction for this match will be 1-0 for italy. Im rooting for them!!!

Im also going to buy soe Ping An Foo in SGpool.
10 bucks on total goals 0
10 bucks on total goals 1
10 bucks on Italy WIN!

Okay for those who dunno where the f**k got sgpool in town. Here's where
There are two sgpool outlets. Both located IN cuppage plaza. Just beside somerset MRT and centrepoint. GD LUCK!

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