Sunday, August 27, 2006

A free bird? for time being only

Woohoo finally the last paper rfme ended, HOPE i can pass this time round. I dun wan to stay in np for another 6 months lor. At least now can relax awhile. Awhile is only until Monday =( VPP is the term for my vacation project. I have to go back on Monday to do project 8-5 for 5 weeks wtf. So bored. Dun care. Going to skip if i have any lan events to attend. Anyway after the last paper, QP organised an outing to bugis for steamboat. It was quite cheap la, 15 bucks/head, except that every food has to be boiled -_- After that bth i go home and slp. Heven slp for the whole nite because of the exam. Nowadays life has been not bad for me. Slacking and have fun nia- Dun wanna think of other things. Best is to avoid relationship which might cause alot of problems later on for me. Ok la dun wan to go into details.

Anyway check out tis
mouse omg damn chio. Going to get it someday!

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