Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Went to PartyWorld with poly mates of mine on wednesday after our IS in Clementi. The service there were not that bad and the price were cheap because we went at 1pm =/ . I realised my world of chinese music is so limited man. They sang so many songs which i didn't hear before lol. When angela asked me to sing a duet with her i was like stunned, WTF. I don even know 1?
We sang until around 5+ before we took our seperate path.

Went to MOS on saturday nite as it was henry's birthday. He wanted to try clubbing which he heven done before. Went to town to meet them at around 7+. As it was still early, we went to kbox first. Wah sang three times in a month. I feel my vocals getting better =/ After around 10 + admond went to find his gf in cine -_- left me and henry singing lol! Later on carmen came over with his indo friend. Carmen brought a cake for henry and we celebrated it in kbox. At around 12+ we took cab to MOS. It was damn late and everyone was wondering whether to go in. It was at around 1+ and it closes at 4. Ever since CB close down, me and those clubbing kakis always hang at MOS. I felt a bit sianz looking at the sighboard I went there around 7 times in 2 months. So bored. Its the same. The R&B arena is as usual - so packed. One thing about henry is that he really enjoys the music and dance unlike our laogao lincoln hahaha. Henry juz told me today he wanted to go again to zouk. Good to get about kakis liao. ..

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