Thursday, June 29, 2006


WAHAHAHAHAH IM SO STRESSED!!!! project and presentation coming in the later weeks! NVM i will get over all THESE HAHA. Smart sch like np built a futsal court during the holidays! ITs so fun. played with my friends during tuesday. Nearly fall asleep when attending the lectures after soccer. We bath in the toilet near the bus stop haha. Its more challenging than street soccer. Futsal court is bigger and errr aiya juz more fun la! Gonna play street now !!! HAIL JOGA!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

char bor haiz!

Seems like the first day of school for kelvin is not that good. He had been frowning the whole day since i saw his face in class. He even missed the first two hours lesson in the morning. He told me about his gf giving him cold shoulders every now and den. Only showing concern towards him when she needs his service. He told me everything during lectures, when i asked him wat happened to him. Seems like everything had happened to me before too. It is so similar. Luckily time really heals. Wilkin also have some relationship problems too. WHY ARE GIRLS SO FUCKED UP! haiz..

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


woah sorry for not updating, my comp down for a week =/ . wb had already went in to serve ns. The way he describe it is not that scary leh, quite fun. School is starting soon, hope to pass this year and go in ns asap! bought alot of ping an foo from sgpool. Keep losing during world cup. Lucky i dun have account anymore, or else sure lose alot man. Ok will update more often

Saturday, June 03, 2006

boring week

The reason im here blogging is because im mugging my book away at home during this weekend. This time the common test is slightly different. The common test will commence BEFORE the holiday. It means that we dun have enough time to study for the paper this time round haiz. Nvm try to study as much as possible. Alot of my friends are facing relationship problems nowadays. Hope they could get through it ! cheer up and everything would be fine!