Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Have been really slack nowadays. less and less soccer because of difficulties getting opponent to play on weekends. Luckily, we will be playing with aizai friend's team in Marina on Saturday. First time playing in a GOOD field, really excited about it. But damn expensive. Each person would have to pay 5 bucks for the field and referee. School will be starting on 24th. I checked my class. I have been back to the class where kelvin, angela are etc - ppl whom i click with. Damn shiok haha. im not going to waste this last yr in sch already, wish to study hard and get a good grades.

During rs chalet, I met kx who are serving ns at the moment. He told me the sergeant in bmt damn fierce, nv give face one. Dunno i can tahan anot sia lol. But nvm, everyone would have to go through this stage except female of coz.

I have been thinking wat im going to do after ns. Friends will not be so close after ns liao. Some of them went in earlier. Would we still be in contact after ns? Hope to spend more time with them these few days. Im not a gay la, but really, u will feel sad when we can't spend time talking cock together, play and watch soccer, gamble. Almost everything. But everyone has his or her own lives. There are no forever foes and enemies. So cherish ur time together.

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