Friday, July 28, 2006

Smart people

Today i was in class, as usual, doing my project. When Mr Terence, the guy who are suppose to review us on our project, came in and take a look. He would enter the class every thursday. Not checking whether we are slacking, but learning on how to create the project with us.
We were talking about the project when somehow, we managed to talk about google. He told me that he was "quite" a google fan. As he carries a doctorate, he also make research via google. That's a medium used by even doctors and scientists! He said he felt that for the next ten years, technology will fuels technology. It simply means that with better tech, there will be better technology and knowledge. Internet has become a very important thing in life in this decade or for the next. School children might not be carrying a textbook in the future if every knowledge can found on the internet. Of coz, there are scams in the internet too, but with so many source of informations found in the internet, its easy to get the latest and up to date news.

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