Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Another rainy day

How many times have u woke up around 4+ or 5+ in the afternoon during this holiday? I think i did everyday. The sky would be dark after an hour or so den before the sunrise, im going to bed again. I heard that my gd friend in school, Kelvin, kena debarment letter. Hope things are going right for him. Its our last sem already, it should be a good reason for appealing.
Sometimes words can be very scary. It can hurt someone's feeling, activate someone's action and make someone do things beyond imagination. Before you talk, its better to be careful who's the receiver. The guy whom are listening can backstab u whenever he/she likes. They might accuse you even if u r 100 metres from the fact. Besides trying to clear urself by saying "No i didn't", you still have to face the doubtful faces from your friends or worse girl/boyfriends. Some people likes to backstab ppl right after the guy turns away from the backstabber. Doing things like that surely makes u feel good but the receiver would surely know you are someone trying to create trouble and sow discord among the friends. It would be worse if you are trying to do that to someone who had helped u so much before. Instead of returning the favour, u turned around and stabbed him. Worse thing is that before you know it, everyone around u had already know ur a backstabber and tries to avoid telling u things.
Last time i played a game. Not much people know about this game. The reason i find it fun is because the game always have a negative and positive effect on one of the tactics. No matter wat tactic you use, you would have a 30% probability of losing. Its something like life, things are not always perfect. You cannot always force it. Everything has a positive and negative results. Of cause depending on how u handle it. Even if you had a bad day, its not the end of life. Try to smile at it and take it as a lesson. Besides that, forcing other people to do things they dun like is worse. The other party will be uncomfortable with you, tries to avoid you, and take every opportunities to give excuses when you all quarrel.....

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